Round Horse Pen installation – Parker, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently installed a round equestrian pen for some avid horse lovers who want to ride around in the safety and beauty of a fenced in horse area  on their property in Parker, Colorado.  (The fence company will swoop in and add a pretty fence now that we’re done.)

This was a 60′ x 110′ arena sitting on a 5 acre Parker property. This was a “cut-to-fill” job – where we utilized the onsite dirt as much as possible. After we excavated and leveled the site to perfection we brought in 10 loads of crusher fines – which is about 28 tons of course material that will let any water drain out. On top of that we carefully deposited 4 loads of washed concrete sand – about 112 tons of material and smoothed that off. This process creates an amazing wonderful surface for horse riders to gallop around on.

Installing this particular horse arena in Parker came with some challenges that were brought on by the weather. Half-way through our work we got clobbered by a 2 foot snow storm that was followed up by yet another snowstorm.  But Dirt Dogs is used to the crazy Colorado weather and we were back out working   soon after the snow cleared up. In better weather we can install an equestrian arena in about 6 days.

Got horses? Need a new horse arena to ride around on?  Give your friends here at Dirt Dogs Excavation a quick email or call and we’ll do the job right!