Laser Leveling an Existing Horse Arena in Castle Pines

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently laser leveled an existing horse arena for a great client and property owner in Castle Pines, Colorado. As most equestrian riders know, when you use your tractor to flatten out your area – after a which those “turn-around” areas get nasty with deeper tire tracks and craters that just get worse over time. But that’s where we can come to the rescue. For this horse arena we brought in our laser and our small but mighty skid steer and in about an hour we got the job done. The riding surface was a perfectly level, soft and sandy – a perfect surface for the owner-rider and horse lover which was our wonderful client.

Another horse arena job done right! Of course if you are  a local Colorado horse owner and equestrian rider and need some help with your barn or horse arena we invite you to contact  Dirt Dogs Excavating . Whether its a brand new horse arena, barn, driveway or landscaping project Рtell us what you need or get our advice and we will move the earth for you!