New Large Horse Arena

Dirt Dogs Excavation is proud to show off a massive horse area excavation project we are finishing up in Elizabeth, Colorado.  This is a 100 ft by 200 ft horse arena with the crusher finds drain system installed. You can see Steve in the photo (standing and flapping his arms like a bird) in the middle of this new arena to help you see size proportion and just how big this area is. Notice how nice and smooth it all looks! Below is another view of this beautiful masterpiece which is sure to make all the other horse owners in the area jealous with arena envy.

We are just getting ready to begin installing the sand footing.

Here’s a couple more photos (below) to give you a perspective on the size of this baby.

Seriously…you could just about land an airplane on this thing with room to spare.

Of course if you have a sweet equestrian property in need of a new arena and you’re out in or around Elizabeth, Colorado – give Dirt Dogs a ring! We’ll get the job done right.

Horse Arena Done in Stages

Face the facts…horses and horse arenas, land, barns, fencing, etc. can be expensive. One challenge horse lovers often face is… how can we afford and build a quality arena when there are so many other expenses? Dirt Dogs Excavation can help you plan, design and build your horse arena in an affordable and manageable way!

If  you’re considering building a high quality horse arena we’re going to share a valuable secret with you….your horse arena can be done in stages. Let’s face it…building a quality horse arena can be expensive. Costly things that you have to pay for include: your land, the excavation, the fencing, the footing, maybe a barn or structure, a driveway AND the horse or two you want to ride. All this can add up and be overwhelming. But you can make this happen in stages over time just like one of our clients is doing.  Here’s the story….

One of our old clients from Elizabeth, Colorado recently moved to Florence, Colorado. Because we did such an awesome job for them before – building a horse arena – they insisted that to build them another horse arena at their new location. Why? Because we’re nice people, with fair prices and we’re the best!

Interlude of  Culvert Drama…

But before we got out there they had a flash flood that washed out their driveway. No problem…we were on our way out anyway.  So we rebuilt their driveway and installed a new culvert drainage system – adding two, big  24″ drainage pipes alongside their pair of smaller 12″ pipes which were overwhelmed by the flood. We had to fix their driveway as part of the process too…

OK…back to the arena story. Our client really wanted a top quality arena but the price was simply too much – on top of the new move. So we came up with a plan to build the arena they want over time. Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

  1. Excavate the ground for the arena.
  2. Put in fencing
  3. Save money for a year
  4. Ride on dirt during that time
  5. Install the drainage system
  6. Save money and keep riding for another year
  7. Install your footing – sand – to finish it off.

They whole time they are using and enjoying their arena. It just gets better each year. The arena for this client was 110′ x 201′ – which is pretty darn big!

So we’ll be back out in Florence next year when their finances are in a little stronger and then come back again in 2 years to finish up the project.

Bottom line…horse arenas can be built over time and Dirt Dogs is the best company out there to help you do the job!

Get in touch with Dirt Dogs Excavation when you need your horse arena built and we’ll help you through the whole process!

Horse Arena Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

Inside this pretty white fence is yet another work of horse arena magnificence brought to you by Dirt Dogs Excavating, Grading and Earth Moving!  This is a 90’x100′ arena with a beautiful view of Elizabeth, Colorado horse country which riders will enjoy while they’re riding and trotting around. Besides creating a perfect, level riding surface we have installed a crusher fines drain system to keep the footing from turning into a muddy mess when it rains. This drainage system has a 6″ thick bed of fine, crushed rock underneath the footing so that water can percolate and drain out from under the footing.
If you’ve got a hankering to build a nice looking horse area or barn we invite you to give us a call so we can get you started on your new horse arena or barn too!

Ken Caryl Equestrian Riding Facility

Dirt Dogs Excavating is proud to have helped build 2 new horse arenas for the Ken Caryl Equestrian Riding Facility. These 2 new horse arenas we installed are ovals. 160′ x 110′ and 150′ x 75. They have a sand footing with 2.5 ” thick on top of crushed rock drainage system built in. It took about 2 weeks to complete this lovely job. In case you’re not familiar…Ken Caryl is a pretty swanky area on the west side of Denver – just south of Red Rocks. The facility we worked is a breath taking location surrounded by sandstone cliffs and eye popping views. The horses are happy. The owner is happy. And we’re happy to have another job well done! (As usual.) I my rear view mirror…as we drove away I’m pretty sure I saw the owner  shedding a few tears as they waved goodbye. People love what we do and hate to see us leave! We have that effect on our clients! Give us a ring if you might want to shed a few tears of happiness over your new horse arena too!

Horse Arena Excavation in Brighton, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavation created yet another horse arena masterpiece! We took a beat up, worn out, nasty old pasture and carved out a glorious work of art that made the horse owner whinny with glee! This project brought us up north of Denver into Brighton, CO. We hauled in 20 trucks of fine crusher to help with drainage plus 8 loads of sand for the footing. Of course we used our now famous laser-leveling system to make this arena a super smooth surface to tickle those horse tootsies. How long did it take you ask? If I told you we got it all done in one week – that would be the truth. Was the owner happy? The only one happier….was her horse.


Arena Sand

Need excavation for a horse arena in Colorado? Look no further…we’re the experts. We’ve built a zillion of ’em! We know what to do and how to do it so your horse will be happy and smooth-riding. We recently finished another large outdoor arena out here in Franktown. The footing is two and a half inches of washed concrete sand and (as you can see from the photo) – it’s smoother than a beach and super-soft on those horse footsies.

Drainage Excavation

Dirt Dogs Excavation are experts in handling drainage issues. We recently completed a the drainage system which was installed for a 60 ft equestrian round pen in Elizabeth, Colorado. The center, or radius point is 6 in higher in elevation than the edges. We do this to ensure there is no “ponding.” The sand footing will be installed next. If you’ve got drainage and runoff problems affecting your property or driveway give us a call…we can help!

Clay base for Horse Arenas

Installing clay base for horse arenas is one of our specialties here at Dirt Dogs Excavation.  This is a 4 inch hard clay base which has been laser leveled and rolled for compaction. This creates a hard surface but still has enough ” bite” to keep the surface from being slick. It keeps the dirt sub-base permanently separated from the sand which  is now ready for the sand footing to be installed.  When you want the best surface for your horses to train and prance around on – you can’t get much better than this. Of course we would invite your calls if you’re in need of excavating or sprucing up your Colorado horse arena!

Horse Arena Sand

This is the first load of six to of washed arena sand to be installed on an indoor horse arena in Franktown, Colorado. Early last year there was nothing here but rocks and bare ground just begging for a beautiful commercial horse barn to be built. We excavated the site for the barn pad to start off. Then, after the arena was built we brought in clay for the sub-base, leveled it perfectly (as usual) and then drum rolled it so flat you could play pool on it. Now, came the fun part…we brought in 6 loads of washed arena sand – via a side dump truck (you see in the photo). Each load of this sand weighs 23 tons so that’s a total of 138 tons of sand. For the final touch, we smoothed this sand over the arena using our famous laser-leveling technology.

Was the owner happy did you ask? He did 23 cartwheels and a back flip – one after the other! Just kidding. But he was VERY happy with us and if you want a reference from him or other clients of ours just give Dirt Dogs Excavation a call and we’ll load you up with lots of amazing references from clients all over Franktown, Douglas County, Elizabeth and lots of other places nearby!

Indoor Equestrian Arena – Franktown

It may be hard to imagine a nicer equestrian arena than this huge one we worked on in Franktown, Colorado. Dirt Dogs Excavation has worked on countless horse arenas in Colorado but this one frankly takes the cake.

Dirt Dogs Excavation excels at equestian arena and horse barn excavation services in Colorado. And we used our secret weapon…our super duper laser leveling machine to provides absolutely smooth and level finish for our final touch.