Walking Paths Grading for open space in Castle Rock

path grading
Dirt Dogs Excavating provided professional road grading services for a walking trail which is a dirt path in the Castle Rock Gateway Mesa open space trail. The trail offers Colorado locals a great outdoor recreation opportunity to go jogging, bike riding, hiking or even riding horses. Sorry…no motorcycles allowed! While you’re hiking around in the summer you might see red-tailed hawks, various creatures – like rabbits, deer, elk, antelope, bobcats, snakes and lizards – and an assortment of Colorado native flowers. But your main focus will be on the beautifully groomed trail upon which you are gallivanting upon. As you admire that super smooth surface feel free to shout our name out to passers-by that DIRT DOGS made this trail!!! Of course they will applaud and cheer too because this roadbase path is a thing of beauty!
tail dirt road grading in Castle Rock
This trail is about a 1/2 a mile of walking paths we installed at the gateway Mesa open space in Castle Rock, Colorado.
For this wide open,  scenic tail we installed about 1500 tons of class 6 granite road base to make a 12 foot wide by 6 inch thick walking surface. This trail will also double as a service road for vehicle traffic back to A Cell Tower that hangs over the edge of the Canyon. So if you live in the area you can celebrate the fact that your phone services is largely perfect because we’re helping those Cell Tower techs reach their destination easily.
If you’re in need of an expert road grading and earth moving company we aren’t shy! Just give Dirt Dogs a call and we’ll be happy to build your own trail or path or driveway for you too!