Grading Non County a Maintained Road in Douglas County

Dirt Dogs Excavating is recently provided road grading services for a non-county maintained road in Douglas County, Colorado.  As you can see from this beautiful photo the new road is an excavation work of art and all the local drivers gave us the “thumbs up” as they drove by. This is a 2 mile stretch of gravel that Douglas County DOES NOT maintain. It was a disaster with monstrous potholes and washboards that was rattling hubcaps loose and car doors off the hinges. It took us a solid week of work to sooth out this private road.  Then we rolled in a massive number of truckloads filled with 6″ inch granite gravel. Its worth noting that a 2 mile road if NOT maintained could easily fall apart in a year or 2 depending on the traffic and weather. However, if the road is properly maintained it can last 10-20 years! That’s a big difference! Next time you’re rolling through the private backroads of Douglas County you might want to thank old Dirt Dogs for doing great work because your drive is nice and smooth.

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