Grading a Private Road in Falcon, Colorado

So…there you are – driving down your own stretch of private dirt road on a beautiful sunny day in  Colorado when all of a sudden – instead of enjoying that  amazing view – you’re getting your teeth rattled out of your head – your coffee spills all over and your lug nuts pop loose on your brand new 4-wheel drive ranch truck. That ain’t no good way to go partner! In fact, it’s completely unacceptable. But…there is hope because that’s when you realize  its way past time to give Dirt Dogs Excavating a call.  Have no doubt! We are your local road grading experts! Our trusty crew and powerful motorgraders can fix that washed out, washboarded, miserable road so you can get back to riding that road like a king and enjoying your drive again…while  drinking your coffee too!

As the  photo above shows…its truly a thing of beauty to see a washed out, bumpy, head bangin’ gravel (road base) road made smooth again. And you know who to call don’t you??

When the boys at Dirt Dogs roll in we will take that totally destroyed dirt road and make it look and drive like a brand new road! We pull the dirt and road base back out of those ditches, re-crown the road so the water drains off again,  cutout the ruts and fix those horrible washed out areas so once again you can invite  your friends and family out to your gentelman’s ranch without the embarrassment and shame of living on such a beat up and destroyed road. Which will make your sweet home sweet home the envy of all your friends and family members. Now who doesn’t want that?!

Our powerful Motorgrader was able to resurrect this road – which was about a mile long – in about 9 hours. We can do roughly a mile a day.

If you’ve got washed out, non-county maintained roads that need professional road grading and expert help – tell your HOA to give us a ring! We can come out once or twice a year and keep that road in shape. Of course, requirements for maintenance on non-county roads  like this vary considerably due to factors such as weather and  traffic. But we’re flexible. You can contact Dirt Dogs Excavation for a quote any time you need professional road grading for your rural Colorado neighborhood!