Commercial Parking Lot Grading – Parker, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently completed preparation and expert grading work for a commercial parking lot in Parker, Colorado. This parking lot runs around 7,000 sq ft. and needed a fine touch to grade the surface smoothly and perfectly around the whole area and right up to the curbs and walls. If you study this photo closely you’ll notice that this parking lot is picture perfect example on how to properly prepare a parking lot for a hot asphalt mix that will soon be laid over the top. While many people don’t think much about parking lots – we do! A parking lot that funnels rain into a building can spell disaster for the property owner.  When we road grade a driveway or parking lot Dirt Dogs makes sure that any run off from snow melt or rain will drain smoothly away from the building. And we try to ensure a super-smooth surface that people will appreciate even though they probably won’t write a book about their parking lot experience.

So in conclusion, Dirt Dogs is an expert in driveways and parking lots and the road grading machines that we operate daily. If you need a new parking lot or driveway – get in touch and we’ll help you out.

We hate to brag but yes…those are some beautiful parking lot photos!

For extra credit reading we’ve included this valuable information for people curious about parking lots…

Why are Parking Lots Important?

First of all…imagine if DIA didn’t have a parking lot. Yep. DIA is miserable as it is but with no parking lot it would be way worse! Enough said. Parking lots are VERY important!
So…back to the question – why are parking lots important?

  • Convenience: Parking lots provide a convenient place for people to park their vehicles when they need to visit a particular location. Without parking lots, people would have to park on the street or out in the weeds which can be inconvenient and sometimes unsafe.
  • Accessibility: If people couldn’t park by your business then you probably wouldn’t have any business. So parking lots are a great way to bring customers in – nice and close – so they can shop and splurge on whatever you’ve got to sell to them. Importantly, parking lots make it easier for people with disabilities or mobility issues to access buildings and businesses. Many parking lots have designated spaces for people with disabilities, which are closer to the building entrance and have wider spaces for wheelchair access.
  • Revenue generation: If you own a chunk of land in downtown Denver you could get rich off your parking lot by scalping high prices off folks. So, in those cases, parking lots can be a source of revenue for businesses or municipalities that own them by charging exorbitant fees for parking, which generate income. Now, if you’re in Parker or Elizabeth, Colorado nobody is going pay money to park so you can forget about this concept unless you start seeing skyscrapers popping up everywhere.
  • Traffic management: A good parking lot is well marked with lines that help people figure out how to park in a nice orderly manner. Parking lots can help manage traffic flow in busy areas. By providing designated parking areas, drivers can avoid congestion on the roads and reduce the risk of accidents. Most of all people like seeing a parking lot so they know where they’re supposed to park.
  • Safety: Parking lots can be designed with safety features such as lighting, security cameras, and emergency call boxes. This can make people feel safer when parking their vehicles and walking to their destination. Some parking lots in China have special surveillance technology too spy on their people but out in Parker and Elizabeth, CO we aren’t that crazy so we just like our parking lots to be a safe place to come and go.Overall, when parking lots are installed properly they provide convenience, accessibility, and safety for people who need to park their vehicles near your business. And Dirt Dogs Excavation is the best company to call when you need a new parking lot.

This is what happens when you have a poorly designed parking lot….

If you’ve made it this far…then you’ve probably had this question…

When was the first parking lot invented?

According to parking lot historians…the first known multi-story parking lot which was in fact a commercial parking garage was built in 1918 in Chicago, Illinois, USA. However, the concept of parking areas for vehicles dates back much earlier. Not quite to the Stone Age because no one needed to park back then. Pay attention now…in fact, the first public parking lot in the United States was created in 1904 in Boston, Massachusetts. It was a simple dirt lot that charged five cents per hour for parking. Prior to that, people would park their horses and carriages in designated areas, but the concept of a parking lot specifically designed for automobiles was a new invention back then. If that inventor had patented his idea and took a dollar for every parking lot ever created he would be…. dead…That’s right. Because no matter how rich you get you can still only live so long. OK…class is over. Thanks for paying attention!

Dirt Dogs is here to help you get the best parking lot or driveway or earth moved however you need AND sometimes we even educate along the way! But we all know you can’t teach an old dog new tricks so if you’re one of those old dogs…you’ll probably forget about everything you just read here. No matter. Have a great day – but don’t forget about Dirt Dogs Excavation and give us a call when you need earth moving expertise.