New Driveway Installed a New Gravel driveway for Lola in Elizabeth

Dirt Dogs Excavation loves each of our incredible customers but we recently worked for perhaps the all sweetest of them all – Lola – a 91 year old senior citizen located in the heart of scenic Elizabeth, CO.  Lola is a gem. Witty, sharp as a tack, funny and still going strong. But driving down her driveway would rattle her dentures out of her head. Like a hundred other property owners in Elizabeth, Lola’s  driveway got ruined by the frequent washouts from the heavy rains she had this year. So of course – being so smart – she knew who to call to fix her driveway. Yep. Dirt Dogs Excavation came to the rescue!  We regraded and smoothed Lola’s driveway – removing all the driveway ruts, craters and holes. Then we brought in 125 tons of recycled asphalt and graded it perfectly smooth. Now Lola’s can drive up and down her driveway without losing her dentures. We hate to brag too much but this new driveway installation was a true work of perfection. And best of all – Lola was happy cowgirl.

True happiness is found in the simple things: a smooth trail, a faithful friend, and a job well done.

Of course if your driveway is in need of some serious repairs we encourage you to touch base with Dirt Dogs Excavation – your driveway installation experts!