Meet Leila – Mascot and Head of HR for Dirt Dogs Excavation

As mascot and head of HR for Dirt Dogs Excavation Leila is famous for her wise decisions, her calm demeanor in stressful situations and for generally weeding out the BS. As various people have commented…”That girl’s a bulldog.” A 3 year old English bulldog to be exact. She can be found supervising various projects and has been known to sleep on the job some. If you have a formal complaint to make Leila is also in charge of the “Complaints Department.” If you’re having a problem with management or need a job – she’s also in charge of HR. So when you call in … just ask to speak with Leila. If you want to get on her good side…talk nicely. If that doesn’t work…slip her a bite of your hamburger.

As a 3rd job, Leila is also the company’s current Mascot replacing the legendary Peggy who will always be remembered by the Dirt Dogs staff and management.

Leila can often be found laying around doing a whole lot of nothing which is something the Dirt Dogs humans never get enough time to do because they are dedicated to helping their customers getting their jobs done right.