Recycled Asphalt Driveway – Calhan, CO

recycled asphalt road excavation and install - Calhan, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently installed  a 900 ft. long by 14 ft wide by 6 in thick recycled asphalt driveway for a home in the beautiful, wide open area of Calhan, Colorado.  At 900 ft. this is more of a road than a driveway!

This driveway was for a new home which you can’t see in this photo. Dirt Dogs brought in 12 semi-trucks filled with recycled asphalt. We prepped and excavated the ground on day one. But the boss man came in day 2 and reworked the driveway to satisfy his  perfectionist needs to have the job done perfectly! Once that was done they semis came in an put down the recycled asphalt which smoothed out and then compacted by the heavy tractors. The whole job took about 2.5 days of work. But with some regular maintenance should last many years to come!

You’ll notice from the photo above that the road is nice and smooth and has a nice drainage area on both sides to allow for water runoff.

Where is Calhan you ask? Calhan is a town located in eastern part of El Paso County, Colorado. The town population was 762 at the 2020. But if you want wide open spaces with plenty of elbow room – that’s the place to find it!

Of course if you need a brand new driveway – no matter the size – Dirt Dogs Excavation is happy to help! Just give contact us and hire the top excavation company around Colorado!