Specializing in Horse Arena Construction

Dirt Dogs Excavating are experts in indoor and outdoor horse arena construction. We utilize advanced laser leveling technology to create perfectly flat riding surfaces that also work with a wide variety of materials to provide maximum comfort for your horses.

The Initial Process
The proper construction of a riding arena is not as simple as it might seem.
The process begins with the preliminary earthwork; removal of the grass and other ground cover off the arena site; excavation of the ground to the necessary levels; and drainage around the site as required.

The Horse Arena Base
Building the arena base is the next step in the construction process. Crushed rock of various sizes is distributed over the site, compacted and laser leveled. The material used is determined by soil conditions and the client’s riding specifications.

The Riding Surface
The critical last step is the actual riding surface. It is constructed of a single material or a blend of materials, based on the client’s specifications. These materials consisting of sand, rubber, or other specialty products are then laser leveled to the required depth.

And finally, the finish earthwork is completed and any required fencing installed.

Dirt Dogs Excavating has provided excavating and grading services for many horse arenas and barns in Franktown, Parker, and Elizabeth, Colorado.

Whether your horse arena, barn or equestrian facility is large or small we have the excavation experience to get the job done right!

Arena Renovation

Even the best designed and constructed riding arenas don’t last forever. Multiple factors contribute to the degrading of a riding arena; changes in or poorly designed drainage, breakdown or use of poor construction materials, poor design, or poor construction in the original work.

The renovation project for your barn or arena may involve a complete tear-down and reconstruction or rework of specific elements of the arena. We can improve he grading to improve the handling water runoff and often create beautiful water retention ponds that add serious value and beauty to your property too!

Horse Arenas and Equestrian Facility Projects

Dirt Dogs has working on hundreds of horse arenas. Below are just a few articles on some of our more recent projects we’ve completed.

Horse Arena Dust Control

Riding your horses in your horse arena can kick up a lot of dust – sometimes too much dust! Too much dust in the air can irritate the eyes, nose, and lungs, aggravate allergies and cause breathing problems and other health problems. Dirt Dogs Excavation can help you control the dust in both your indoor and outdoor horse arenas using a state-of-the-art dust control product by Global Environmental Solutions – a leader in dust control for horse arenas.