Culverts for Drainage Control

Dirt Dogs Excavation are your drainage control experts. For example, we’re currently working on a large  drainage control project which requires a culvert (drainage pipe) that runs about 360 ft and will carry water runoff under a residential driveway that’s in the middle.  In the photo you can see the 24″ culvert pipe we are installing on a job in Parker, CO for drainage control. In case you’re curious, this property is right on the border of Douglas County and Parker. The whole project starts with math…where we calculate the rise and run so the pipe is laid properly and water will drain perfectly from point A to point B. After digging the ditch our guys lay the pipe and we’ll fill and compact the earth over it all.  Yes, there’s a good bit of work and expertise involved but we’re pros when it comes to this stuff. So if you need a culvert put in to help with your water drainage issues…give us a ring!