New Granite Driveway in Elizabeth, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently finished excavating work for a new granite driveway for a home in Elizabeth, Colorado. As usual when we install a driveway we not create a smooth surface but we try to help the driveway handle excess water so it can drain in the best possible way. This property had a turnaround, access to their shop and driveway up to their home. We brought in 10 tandem truckloads of road base. The job took 2 days. A day of preparation and unloading & smoothing out the road base for day 2.


Dirt Dogs installs a wide range of products on the longer driveways out in Colorado’s horse country including: recycled asphalt, recycled concrete, crushed Rhyolite, crushed granite, Oakland Red, open pit, gravel / clay mix and crusher fines. One benefit of a installing a granite driveway is that it’s extremely permeable and eco-friendly. A crushed granite surface is excellent for mitigating driveway flooding.

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