Laser Leveled Horse Arena Footing

To be honest, Dirt Dogs Excavation is your horse area expert up and down the front range of Colorado. One thing we specialize in is repairing existing horse arenas by coming in and laser leveling the footing so the arena is just like new. Did we say … laser leveling? Yep! Sounds high-tech…and it is! Thanks to our smart tech we can perfectly smooth off the footing to your horse arena. It will be so nice that your horse will want to kiss you on the mouth. (Really! But don’t do that…really.) As you can see in this photo we did wonderful work on this  large horse arena in Colorado Springs.  The owner was so excited that right after we finished the job she  thanks us and hopped in her tractor (with a big smile on her face) and started scarifying the surface while her horses watched eagerly.

Of course, if you want a new horse arena or need to repair and/or upgrade your existing arena – give us a call and we’ll take care of you!