Installing a School Running Track in Arvada, CO

Dirt Dogs can handle any kind of earth moving and grading project. Recently we took this worn-out school track surface and restored it to the original old school scoria footing. Scoria is a volcanic rock/sand like product that the old running tracks used to be made of. They still use scoria on warning tracks in professional baseball fields too.

We enjoyed working at a school and making grading this running track so it was perfectly smooth and level. Dirt Dogs hates to brag but you’ll be hard pressed to find a prettier running track than the one we just finished!

After the job was done we took our whole crew and did a footrace around the track 4 times to see if we could break the 4 minute mile – like in our younger days. Unfortunately we’ve slowed down quite a bit due to our preference to ride around all day in tractors and trucks instead of running around like a bunch of kids.

Bottom line. If your school needs some earth moved and graded for a football field, baseball field, parking lot or track surface – just give us a call! We’ll do such a great job that you’ll want to give us an A+ when we’re done!