Flood Damage Repair to Culverts in Elizabeth, CO

When it rains it pours! But sometimes mother nature can get carries away a bit too much. This year Colorado has experienced record rainfall totals especially on the front range of Colorado. And while it was great for eliminating drought – there were lots of dirt roads and dirt driveways that were seriously damaged and destroyed by the excess water runoff and flash floods. The photo above shows one such road that was completely washed out in a flash flood but (thanks to Dirt Dogs Excavating) was successfully (and quickly) repaired so the locals could get where they needed to go.

We installed 2, 48″ x 40′ culverts in a private driveway that got washed out by the July flood waters in Elizabeth. After installing and compacting the culverts, we installed rip-rap boulders on the sides to hold in place the back fill, then covered with topsoil and grass seed and finished the drive surface with class 6 road base.

Was it a giant muddy mess when we got there? Was the property owner upset AND stuck? Absolutely! But we’re used to handling tough jobs that include moving mud and dirt so we rolled up our sleeves and got the job done! If we say so ourselves…it came out real nice! Not to brag…but once again Dirt Dogs came to the rescue and too care of this problem.