Erosion Control in Parker, Colorado

The summer of 2023 brought in record rains throughout the front range of Colorado. The good news is there was no drought. The bad news was many roads and buildings got washed out, damaged and flooded. Dirt Dogs Excavation recently came to the rescue of a local business in Parker, Colorado by installing a total flood control system to included: ditch excavation, concrete work, granite rip rap, seeding and matting.

The drama started when a commercial building (Christian Brothers Automotive) in Parker, Colorado got flooded by rain coming down an embankment and overflowing a small ditch that was unable to handle the runoff. That runoff was entered the bay doors causing serious damage.

A local engineering company came up with the calculations and drawings of how the project needed to be built. Dirt Dogs brought those drawings to life!

First, we excavated a 1×1 foot ditch and converted it into a 3×3 foot ditch while making room for concrete work that would divert water runoff down our ditch which was lined with granite riprap. The Concrete work was about 60ft long by 3ft tall. It included¬† new trough which would funnel water through a concrete trough and safely move it away from the building on into a ditch lined with rip rap. The rip rap runoff area was about 100ft log and dumps into a drainage area capable of handling the excess water. Following the ditch excavation, concrete work and installation of the rip rap we drill seeded the area and covered the seed with erosion control matting.

We drill seeded all the Disturbed areas and then covered with the matting.¬† Only the good Lord knows when we’ll see another super-rainy summer again but when it comes – they’ll be safe from those floods thanks to the Dirt Dogs crew!

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