Barn Pad capped with Road Base in Elizabeth, CO

Before a new barn needs to be built anywhere in or near Elizabeth, Colorado – your would be a wise to contact (and hire) Dirt Dogs is your “Go-To” for your barn pad. Because under your barn – when we do the barn pad work – is a perfectly level surface that will bring cheers of joy to the folks who pour your concrete on top.

Laser Leveling
Did we mention that we laser level our barn pads…so they are perfectly smooth? We do!

This project took about 4 days of work. It was about 40′ x 50′ and if you notice the photo above – we graded around to create a flow-line that moves water away from the barn. We brought in 3 trucks and  laid down a 6″ surface of road base at the engineer’s request.

Bottom line..
If you’re building a barn in Elizabeth, CO (or anyplace in the Colorado Front Range )and want the barn pad for your building to be done by the best around – give Dirt Dogs Excavating, Grading and Earth Moving a call today!