Finish Grade for two bay building that will house an RV

Dirt Dogs Excavation did the finish grade for a barn pad in Elizabeth, CO several months ago. We recently visited that location again to view the finished result. Cleary Building (a fantastic local builder) erected a beautiful, two bay building that will house an RV. We also installed the recycled asphalt you see. When you need excavation or earth moving services for your new barn or shop give us a ring and you’ll get the best earth moving company around.

New Large Horse Arena

Dirt Dogs Excavation is proud to show off a massive horse area excavation project we are finishing up in Elizabeth, Colorado.  This is a 100 ft by 200 ft horse arena with the crusher finds drain system installed. You can see Steve in the photo (standing and flapping his arms like a bird) in the middle of this new arena to help you see size proportion and just how big this area is. Notice how nice and smooth it all looks! Below is another view of this beautiful masterpiece which is sure to make all the other horse owners in the area jealous with arena envy.

We are just getting ready to begin installing the sand footing.

Here’s a couple more photos (below) to give you a perspective on the size of this baby.

Seriously…you could just about land an airplane on this thing with room to spare.

Of course if you have a sweet equestrian property in need of a new arena and you’re out in or around Elizabeth, Colorado – give Dirt Dogs a ring! We’ll get the job done right.

Finish Grade Excavation for a New Home in Elizabeth

Dirt Dogs Excavation is proud to show you the finished grade work we recently completed for an amazingly beautiful new luxury home in Elizabeth, Colorado.  We also excavated the foundation for this home about 9 months previously….
as you can see below.
This is a super nice 6000 sq. ft. custom home with views that go for miles in all directions.  (Of course it’s hard for most people take their eyes off the view of all that beautiful dirt but yep…I’ll give them credit, that is a nice looking house too.)
Since you asked…this finish grade work took us just a couple days and is now ready for the landscapers to roll in and plunk down their sod, plants and retaining walls galore. And last of all, we’ll be installing a picture perfect driveway in a couple weeks. (We’ll keep you posted.) And  as usual the proud owner of this home is tickled pink about how great a job we’ve done.
Well…we hate to brag but if you want the best darn local company in the earth moving business to take care of dirt…get in touch and we’ll move the earth to do the job right!

Horse Arena Done in Stages

Face the facts…horses and horse arenas, land, barns, fencing, etc. can be expensive. One challenge horse lovers often face is… how can we afford and build a quality arena when there are so many other expenses? Dirt Dogs Excavation can help you plan, design and build your horse arena in an affordable and manageable way!

If  you’re considering building a high quality horse arena we’re going to share a valuable secret with you….your horse arena can be done in stages. Let’s face it…building a quality horse arena can be expensive. Costly things that you have to pay for include: your land, the excavation, the fencing, the footing, maybe a barn or structure, a driveway AND the horse or two you want to ride. All this can add up and be overwhelming. But you can make this happen in stages over time just like one of our clients is doing.  Here’s the story….

One of our old clients from Elizabeth, Colorado recently moved to Florence, Colorado. Because we did such an awesome job for them before – building a horse arena – they insisted that to build them another horse arena at their new location. Why? Because we’re nice people, with fair prices and we’re the best!

Interlude of  Culvert Drama…

But before we got out there they had a flash flood that washed out their driveway. No problem…we were on our way out anyway.  So we rebuilt their driveway and installed a new culvert drainage system – adding two, big  24″ drainage pipes alongside their pair of smaller 12″ pipes which were overwhelmed by the flood. We had to fix their driveway as part of the process too…

OK…back to the arena story. Our client really wanted a top quality arena but the price was simply too much – on top of the new move. So we came up with a plan to build the arena they want over time. Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

  1. Excavate the ground for the arena.
  2. Put in fencing
  3. Save money for a year
  4. Ride on dirt during that time
  5. Install the drainage system
  6. Save money and keep riding for another year
  7. Install your footing – sand – to finish it off.

They whole time they are using and enjoying their arena. It just gets better each year. The arena for this client was 110′ x 201′ – which is pretty darn big!

So we’ll be back out in Florence next year when their finances are in a little stronger and then come back again in 2 years to finish up the project.

Bottom line…horse arenas can be built over time and Dirt Dogs is the best company out there to help you do the job!

Get in touch with Dirt Dogs Excavation when you need your horse arena built and we’ll help you through the whole process!

Dust Control for Horse Arenas

Need Dust Control for your horse arena? One of our clients had us drop by to apply a great dust control product to their outdoor arena. Dirt Dogs Excavating are experts in applying one of the industry leading dust control products by Global Environmental Solutions. One of our equestrian clients in Longmont had us apply this awesome dust control solution to their outdoor arena because the owner rides a whole lot AND she really hates the irritating nuisance of dust in her face, eyes and nostrils. (Rumor has it that  her horse has been requesting this solution for years but the horse won’t talk to us about it). Bottom line… Dirt Dogs Excavating can help you control the dust in both your indoor and outdoor horse arenas using a state-of-the-art dust control product by Global Environmental Solutions.

Need to knock down your nasty dust?
Click here to learn more here!

Granite Driveway in Centennial, CO

Dirt Dogs just knocked out (installed) another gorgeous driveway in Centennial, Colorado. In our neck of the woods…that is – beautiful Colorado horse country where there’s a good bit of elbow room between neighbors – we’ve got REAL  DRIVEWAYS. Not those little bitty baby things you see in suburbia. Nope. Out here we’re talking about nice wide and long driveways of 500 feet or more. In this case we the brand new granite driveway was about 700 ft. long – complete with a nice spot for parking  vehicles.  This driveway is built to handle the weather and make the drive to and fro comfortable and dreamy. We should mention that it’s going to end at a new barn that will be built this spring.  AND we’ll be helping them on that barn pad excavation too. The job only took about 20 loads of granite road base and took 2 full days of work. It looked so good we hated to see it in our rear view mirrors when we left.

Need a nice big driveway for your home or barn? We’ve got you covered. Just give us a ring!

Shop Pad- Elizabeth, CO

This is an excavation for an shop pad (soon to be – man cave) in Elizabeth, Colorado. The excavation work for this building is surrounded by a beautiful forest of pine trees. To carve out this little beauty we just used our skidster. The job only took 2 days and pretty soon the new building will be sitting on top.

Need to excavation services for a new home or addition? Can you dig it? Nope? Dirt Dogs Excavation can! Give us a ring!

Home Excavation – Sedalia, CO

This is an excavation for an addition to a home in Sedalia, CO.  This excavation hole is prepped for a frost wall foundation that the new addition will be built on. The owner has a sweet location with great views in Sedalia, CO.  the owner decided to upgrade his abode with a new addition made possible in part with the help of Dirt Dogs expert excavation services.

Need to excavation services for a new home or addition? Can you dig it? Nope? Dirt Dogs Excavation can! Give us a ring!

Horse Arena Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

Inside this pretty white fence is yet another work of horse arena magnificence brought to you by Dirt Dogs Excavating, Grading and Earth Moving!  This is a 90’x100′ arena with a beautiful view of Elizabeth, Colorado horse country which riders will enjoy while they’re riding and trotting around. Besides creating a perfect, level riding surface we have installed a crusher fines drain system to keep the footing from turning into a muddy mess when it rains. This drainage system has a 6″ thick bed of fine, crushed rock underneath the footing so that water can percolate and drain out from under the footing.
If you’ve got a hankering to build a nice looking horse area or barn we invite you to give us a call so we can get you started on your new horse arena or barn too!

Building Pad Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating is proud to have excavated a new building pad for an indoor horse arena for yet another equestrian rider (ie. horse fanatic)  Elizabeth, CO. This building pad will be the foundation of a beautiful indoor horse arena for some exceptionally well taken care of pair of horses. This building pad is 57′ by 97′ and on top of a hill so the views are amazing.  We’ll be back to do the finish grade after the building is erected in a few months down the road. (We previously excavated another horse arena for this same equestrian fanatic not too long ago.) So these horses will end up having both an indoor and outdoor arena and their own barn to boot!
Of course…if you’ve got a horse…give us a ring and we can get you started on your new horse arena or barn too!