Foundation Excavation

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently finished the foundation excavation for a residential home in Castle Rock. As usual we use lasers to make sure our excavation is perfect for the concrete crew that will install and pour your foundation. This job took us about a day and a half.  Of course we can do foundations for residential or commercial properties. A well cut foundation hole has sharp, clean sides and floors are level. Any concrete foundation crew would be happy  to see their work area look this beautiful and ready to go! If you’re looking to have a foundation dug for your new building give Dirt Dogs a call!

RV Storage Facility

Dirt Dogs just finished up working on an RV Storage facility in Elizabeth, CO. Earlier in the year we took a raw piece of land and moved approximately 125,000 cubic yards of dirt to create the building page an initial drainage. It took us about 8 weeks of excavation work to get that ready to build on. The owner then built a 32 unit RV storage facility.

Once they were done buildng the building we came back for “round 2.” We brought in 140 semi loads of asphalt to cover the road in…the area around the building and a parking lot.

BELOW you can see the “BEFORE” photo!


Horse Arena Excavation in Brighton, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavation created yet another horse arena masterpiece! We took a beat up, worn out, nasty old pasture and carved out a glorious work of art that made the horse owner whinny with glee! This project brought us up north of Denver into Brighton, CO. We hauled in 20 trucks of fine crusher to help with drainage plus 8 loads of sand for the footing. Of course we used our now famous laser-leveling system to make this arena a super smooth surface to tickle those horse tootsies. How long did it take you ask? If I told you we got it all done in one week – that would be the truth. Was the owner happy? The only one happier….was her horse.


Arena Sand

Need excavation for a horse arena in Colorado? Look no further…we’re the experts. We’ve built a zillion of ’em! We know what to do and how to do it so your horse will be happy and smooth-riding. We recently finished another large outdoor arena out here in Franktown. The footing is two and a half inches of washed concrete sand and (as you can see from the photo) – it’s smoother than a beach and super-soft on those horse footsies.

New Recycled Asphalt Driveway

When its time to upgrade your driveway you might want to consider having Dirt Dogs install a new recycled asphalt driveway just like we did out here in Elizabeth, Colorado.  Of course, before we lay down that beautiful asphalt surface we smooth it out so the end result is a smooth-riding surface that won’t rattle your teeth out – like your current driveway.

Drainage Excavation

Dirt Dogs Excavation are experts in handling drainage issues. We recently completed a the drainage system which was installed for a 60 ft equestrian round pen in Elizabeth, Colorado. The center, or radius point is 6 in higher in elevation than the edges. We do this to ensure there is no “ponding.” The sand footing will be installed next. If you’ve got drainage and runoff problems affecting your property or driveway give us a call…we can help!

Typical barn/shop pad

This is a typical Barn and shop pad Dirt Dogs Excavation built for a residential customer in Elizabeth, Colorado. The pad is laser leveled flat with 2% flow lines around the perimeter for proper drainage.

Cut to Fill Excavation

This is another “cut to fill” pad for a horse barn out in Elizabeth, CO. The building will be a 52’x72′ structure that will keep the horses and hay warm and dry in the winter. If it rains up above the building we have the ground landscaped so water will flow nicely around the building. You can see how we have created a nice flat spot which will make both the people and animals joyful! Right now there’s no driveway but typically we put one in. If you need a nice little horse barn or shop on your little slice of heaven give us a ring!

Foundation Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

This is a foundation excavation for a large home in Elizabeth Colorado. The excavation for this foundation took us 3 days of work and 3 machines. We dig out about 4 feet around the foundation to give the concrete experts room to work. This foundation will end up at around 2800 sq. ft. which is a pretty large footprint for a home. If you’ve got the urge to dig a foundation for a new home or building in Elizabeth or nearby areas we invite you to give us a call!

Rock Crusher

Need to crush some rocks? Dirt Dogs Excavation has the tools to turn boulders and slabs of rock into dust and gravel. Our rock crusher can punch holes through bedrock and split rocks  like an elephant chews peanuts.

Every now an then the most beautiful green field can hide a large slab of rock that can interfere with digging out a basement or installing a trench. When you’ve got some major rock headaches. Give us a call. We’ll teach those nasty rocks a lesson they’ll never forget. Maybe we should mention that often when we crunch those rocks up we can  round them up and move them to somewhere else on the property and they can be used to strengthen and/or enhance the rest of the landscaping or roadwork nearby.