Culverts for Drainage Control

Dirt Dogs Excavation are your drainage control experts. For example, we’re currently working on a large  drainage control project which requires a culvert (drainage pipe) that runs about 360 ft and will carry water runoff under a residential driveway that’s in the middle.  In the photo you can see the 24″ culvert pipe we are installing on a job in Parker, CO for drainage control. In case you’re curious, this property is right on the border of Douglas County and Parker. The whole project starts with math…where we calculate the rise and run so the pipe is laid properly and water will drain perfectly from point A to point B. After digging the ditch our guys lay the pipe and we’ll fill and compact the earth over it all.  Yes, there’s a good bit of work and expertise involved but we’re pros when it comes to this stuff. So if you need a culvert put in to help with your water drainage issues…give us a ring!

Installing a new driveway in Parker, CO

Need a new driveway? Dirtdogs Excavation is your driveway expert across the entire front range of Colorado! For example, we just installed  a beautiful recycled concrete road base driveway on a super nice rural property in Parker, CO. This gorgeous driveway is about 700ft. long – about normal in this area where coyotes roam and horses and land are still abundant. We know how to prepare any driveway for proper drainage from snow and rain plus we can also improve, repair and fix existing driveways so if you need help with a new or existing driveway … give Dirt Dogs a ring!

Foundation Excavation in Kiowa

This is a foundation excavation project Dirt Dogs did for a commercial building in Kiowa, CO. This building will be an 80-foot by 80 ft structure. Notice how nice a straight the sides and the floor are? Yep! We know what we’re doing. We are experts at building foundation excavation for commercial buildings, homes and barns. If you need dirt moved – we know how to help you! On this project we’ll be back after the concrete is poured to back-fill and take care of any landscaping and drainage issues.

Laser Leveled Horse Arena Footing

To be honest, Dirt Dogs Excavation is your horse area expert up and down the front range of Colorado. One thing we specialize in is repairing existing horse arenas by coming in and laser leveling the footing so the arena is just like new. Did we say … laser leveling? Yep! Sounds high-tech…and it is! Thanks to our smart tech we can perfectly smooth off the footing to your horse arena. It will be so nice that your horse will want to kiss you on the mouth. (Really! But don’t do that…really.) As you can see in this photo we did wonderful work on this  large horse arena in Colorado Springs.  The owner was so excited that right after we finished the job she  thanks us and hopped in her tractor (with a big smile on her face) and started scarifying the surface while her horses watched eagerly.

Of course, if you want a new horse arena or need to repair and/or upgrade your existing arena – give us a call and we’ll take care of you!

Long Driveway in Larkspur

Got a long driveway? Dirt Dogs Excavation can help you! We just finished installing a 1300 ft long crushed brick driveway for a really nice home in scenic Larkspur, Colorado.  Larkspur is a beautiful town in Douglas County with some high-end ranches and properties that have extra-long driveways. We soothed out the drive way and graded it so water can drain off to the side easily. We were able to complete this job in just 3 days thanks to our great crew and our big league road grader.

If you have your own a driveway (large or small) that needs some TLC  – we can help keep you too. Just give us a ring!

Dirt Dogs Grading the Top of the Dam at Hess Reservoir

Dirt Dogs Excavation is dam proud of this job… grading the top of the Hess reservoir in Parker, CO.  If you were in that area recently you would have seen our road grader looking more like an ant than a large piece of machinery.  We were busy for the last few days adding road base to a 7000 ft. stretch at the top of the reservoir. This work helps keep the reservoir in tip-top-shape in time for the approaching winter. If you have your own reservoir – or maybe a small pond on your ranch we can help keep it in good shape too. Just give us a ring!

Country Road Grading & Maintenance

Dirt Dogs Excavating has been grading dirt roads for Douglas County, Colorado for over 7 years. In fact, we recently graded about 7 miles of dirt road (with a granite road base) in Parker making it nice and smooth.  Those dirt roads and back roads in Douglas County need regular repair and maintenance so they stay in good shape. Other dirt roads that aren’t maintained will probably rattle the teeth out of your head if you’re driving around out there.  So next time you drive on those back roads and notice how nice and smooth your ride is…you can thank Dirt Dogs!

New Granite Driveway in Elizabeth, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently finished excavating work for a new granite driveway for a home in Elizabeth, Colorado. As usual when we install a driveway we not create a smooth surface but we try to help the driveway handle excess water so it can drain in the best possible way. This property had a turnaround, access to their shop and driveway up to their home. We brought in 10 tandem truckloads of road base. The job took 2 days. A day of preparation and unloading & smoothing out the road base for day 2.


Dirt Dogs installs a wide range of products on the longer driveways out in Colorado’s horse country including: recycled asphalt, recycled concrete, crushed Rhyolite, crushed granite, Oakland Red, open pit, gravel / clay mix and crusher fines. One benefit of a installing a granite driveway is that it’s extremely permeable and eco-friendly. A crushed granite surface is excellent for mitigating driveway flooding.

Retaining Wall Excavation for Bonnie Blue’s in Parker, CO

Bonnie Blue’s wedding venue in Parker, Colorado is enlarging their amazing wedding and event facility with a new build and adding 3 new stone retaining walls all with the help of Dirt Dogs Excavation services.  In the photo you can see the rough excavation for the building pad of their new event center. Up on the side of the hill you can see a brave Dirt Dog cutting in to make room for the new retaining walls. which require a level and smooth service to do the job right. After they’re done with the retaining wall excavation they’ll come back down and laser level the building pad. All this work will be done perfectly (as usual) in and take about 2 days.

Need some serious excavation done right? Give Dirt Dogs a call!

Round Pen Horse Arena in Elizabeth, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavation is about 5 days in on excavation work on a good-sized Round Pen arena in Elizabeth, Colorado which is perfect for exercising horses. This round pen features a crusher fine drain system on an exercise or “round pen” in Elizabeth Colorado. A sand footing surface will be soon be added on top of the crusher fines. If you look closely you will notice there is a slight dome built into the surface for drainage to help keep the arena dry and mud free. We’ll give you an update once we add in the sand footing.