Baseball Outfield in Parker, CO gets Top Dress

Dirt Dogs Excavating love baseball and working on baseball fields. Parker, Colorado has their own “Field of Dreams” which is an amazing baseball and recreational facility called “The Farm” built by Dale LeMonds – a former professional baseball player and coach.  Dirt Dogs has been working hard on making this baseball field a perfect place to play baseball safely. We recently spent about 5 weeks perfecting the top dressing of the outfield on this incredible baseball field in Parker, CO. We’re going to swoop back in and reseed it with fescue grass once the weather warms up.

In excavation, “top dress” refers to the process of adding a thin layer of material, such as soil or gravel, to the surface of an area that has been excavated or graded. This layer is typically applied to achieve a smooth and level surface, improve drainage, or provide a suitable base for landscaping, paving, or other surface finishes.

Here are a few scenarios where top dressing might be used in excavation projects:

  1. Leveling and Smoothing: After excavating an area, particularly for landscaping or construction purposes, top dressing can be used to create a flat and even surface. This is often necessary to prepare the area for laying sod, planting grass, or installing pavement.
  2. Surface Protection: In areas prone to erosion or compaction, top dressing with a layer of soil or gravel can help protect the underlying soil and prevent damage from foot traffic, machinery, or weather conditions.
  3. Improving Drainage: Top dressing with a well-draining material like gravel or coarse sand can help improve surface drainage in areas where water tends to pool or accumulate. This can be especially important for preventing water damage to structures or landscaping features.
  4. Enhancing Aesthetics: Top dressing can also be used to enhance the appearance of an excavated area, particularly in landscaping projects. Adding a layer of rich topsoil or decorative gravel can give the area a finished look and complement surrounding features.

Overall, top dressing is a versatile technique Dirt Dogs Excavation uses in excavation projects like this to achieve specific grading, drainage, or aesthetic goals, and it plays an essential role in preparing the ground for further construction or landscaping work.

If your recreation park or baseball field needs a little TLC  contact Dirt Dogs for a quote and we’ll knock it out of the park!