Finish Grade Excavation for a New Home in Elizabeth

Dirt Dogs Excavation is proud to show you the finished grade work we recently completed for an amazingly beautiful new luxury home in Elizabeth, Colorado.  We also excavated the foundation for this home about 9 months previously….
as you can see below.
This is a super nice 6000 sq. ft. custom home with views that go for miles in all directions.  (Of course it’s hard for most people take their eyes off the view of all that beautiful dirt but yep…I’ll give them credit, that is a nice looking house too.)
Since you asked…this finish grade work took us just a couple days and is now ready for the landscapers to roll in and plunk down their sod, plants and retaining walls galore. And last of all, we’ll be installing a picture perfect driveway in a couple weeks. (We’ll keep you posted.) And  as usual the proud owner of this home is tickled pink about how great a job we’ve done.
Well…we hate to brag but if you want the best darn local company in the earth moving business to take care of dirt…get in touch and we’ll move the earth to do the job right!

Home Excavation – Sedalia, CO

This is an excavation for an addition to a home in Sedalia, CO.  This excavation hole is prepped for a frost wall foundation that the new addition will be built on. The owner has a sweet location with great views in Sedalia, CO.  the owner decided to upgrade his abode with a new addition made possible in part with the help of Dirt Dogs expert excavation services.

Need to excavation services for a new home or addition? Can you dig it? Nope? Dirt Dogs Excavation can! Give us a ring!

Horse Arena Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

Inside this pretty white fence is yet another work of horse arena magnificence brought to you by Dirt Dogs Excavating, Grading and Earth Moving!  This is a 90’x100′ arena with a beautiful view of Elizabeth, Colorado horse country which riders will enjoy while they’re riding and trotting around. Besides creating a perfect, level riding surface we have installed a crusher fines drain system to keep the footing from turning into a muddy mess when it rains. This drainage system has a 6″ thick bed of fine, crushed rock underneath the footing so that water can percolate and drain out from under the footing.
If you’ve got a hankering to build a nice looking horse area or barn we invite you to give us a call so we can get you started on your new horse arena or barn too!

Foundation Excavation

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently finished the foundation excavation for a residential home in Castle Rock. As usual we use lasers to make sure our excavation is perfect for the concrete crew that will install and pour your foundation. This job took us about a day and a half.  Of course we can do foundations for residential or commercial properties. A well cut foundation hole has sharp, clean sides and floors are level. Any concrete foundation crew would be happy  to see their work area look this beautiful and ready to go! If you’re looking to have a foundation dug for your new building give Dirt Dogs a call!

RV Storage Facility

Dirt Dogs just finished up working on an RV Storage facility in Elizabeth, CO. Earlier in the year we took a raw piece of land and moved approximately 125,000 cubic yards of dirt to create the building page an initial drainage. It took us about 8 weeks of excavation work to get that ready to build on. The owner then built a 32 unit RV storage facility.

Once they were done buildng the building we came back for “round 2.” We brought in 140 semi loads of asphalt to cover the road in…the area around the building and a parking lot.

BELOW you can see the “BEFORE” photo!


Cut to Fill Excavation

This is another “cut to fill” pad for a horse barn out in Elizabeth, CO. The building will be a 52’x72′ structure that will keep the horses and hay warm and dry in the winter. If it rains up above the building we have the ground landscaped so water will flow nicely around the building. You can see how we have created a nice flat spot which will make both the people and animals joyful! Right now there’s no driveway but typically we put one in. If you need a nice little horse barn or shop on your little slice of heaven give us a ring!