Baseball Outfield in Parker, CO gets Top Dress

Dirt Dogs Excavating love baseball and working on baseball fields. Parker, Colorado has their own “Field of Dreams” which is an amazing baseball and recreational facility called “The Farm” built by Dale LeMonds – a former professional baseball player and coach.  Dirt Dogs has been working hard on making this baseball field a perfect place to play baseball safely. We recently spent about 5 weeks perfecting the top dressing of the outfield on this incredible baseball field in Parker, CO. We’re going to swoop back in and reseed it with fescue grass once the weather warms up.

In excavation, “top dress” refers to the process of adding a thin layer of material, such as soil or gravel, to the surface of an area that has been excavated or graded. This layer is typically applied to achieve a smooth and level surface, improve drainage, or provide a suitable base for landscaping, paving, or other surface finishes.

Here are a few scenarios where top dressing might be used in excavation projects:

  1. Leveling and Smoothing: After excavating an area, particularly for landscaping or construction purposes, top dressing can be used to create a flat and even surface. This is often necessary to prepare the area for laying sod, planting grass, or installing pavement.
  2. Surface Protection: In areas prone to erosion or compaction, top dressing with a layer of soil or gravel can help protect the underlying soil and prevent damage from foot traffic, machinery, or weather conditions.
  3. Improving Drainage: Top dressing with a well-draining material like gravel or coarse sand can help improve surface drainage in areas where water tends to pool or accumulate. This can be especially important for preventing water damage to structures or landscaping features.
  4. Enhancing Aesthetics: Top dressing can also be used to enhance the appearance of an excavated area, particularly in landscaping projects. Adding a layer of rich topsoil or decorative gravel can give the area a finished look and complement surrounding features.

Overall, top dressing is a versatile technique Dirt Dogs Excavation uses in excavation projects like this to achieve specific grading, drainage, or aesthetic goals, and it plays an essential role in preparing the ground for further construction or landscaping work.

If your recreation park or baseball field needs a little TLC  contact Dirt Dogs for a quote and we’ll knock it out of the park!

Erosion Control in Parker, Colorado

The summer of 2023 brought in record rains throughout the front range of Colorado. The good news is there was no drought. The bad news was many roads and buildings got washed out, damaged and flooded. Dirt Dogs Excavation recently came to the rescue of a local business in Parker, Colorado by installing a total flood control system to included: ditch excavation, concrete work, granite rip rap, seeding and matting.

The drama started when a commercial building (Christian Brothers Automotive) in Parker, Colorado got flooded by rain coming down an embankment and overflowing a small ditch that was unable to handle the runoff. That runoff was entered the bay doors causing serious damage.

A local engineering company came up with the calculations and drawings of how the project needed to be built. Dirt Dogs brought those drawings to life!

First, we excavated a 1×1 foot ditch and converted it into a 3×3 foot ditch while making room for concrete work that would divert water runoff down our ditch which was lined with granite riprap. The Concrete work was about 60ft long by 3ft tall. It included  new trough which would funnel water through a concrete trough and safely move it away from the building on into a ditch lined with rip rap. The rip rap runoff area was about 100ft log and dumps into a drainage area capable of handling the excess water. Following the ditch excavation, concrete work and installation of the rip rap we drill seeded the area and covered the seed with erosion control matting.

We drill seeded all the Disturbed areas and then covered with the matting.  Only the good Lord knows when we’ll see another super-rainy summer again but when it comes – they’ll be safe from those floods thanks to the Dirt Dogs crew!

If you need help with your culvert or ditch or driveway or road grading or anything else that need earth moving experts. We invite you to contact us!

Culverts for Drainage Control

Dirt Dogs Excavation are your drainage control experts. For example, we’re currently working on a large  drainage control project which requires a culvert (drainage pipe) that runs about 360 ft and will carry water runoff under a residential driveway that’s in the middle.  In the photo you can see the 24″ culvert pipe we are installing on a job in Parker, CO for drainage control. In case you’re curious, this property is right on the border of Douglas County and Parker. The whole project starts with math…where we calculate the rise and run so the pipe is laid properly and water will drain perfectly from point A to point B. After digging the ditch our guys lay the pipe and we’ll fill and compact the earth over it all.  Yes, there’s a good bit of work and expertise involved but we’re pros when it comes to this stuff. So if you need a culvert put in to help with your water drainage issues…give us a ring!

Foundation Excavation in Kiowa

This is a foundation excavation project Dirt Dogs did for a commercial building in Kiowa, CO. This building will be an 80-foot by 80 ft structure. Notice how nice a straight the sides and the floor are? Yep! We know what we’re doing. We are experts at building foundation excavation for commercial buildings, homes and barns. If you need dirt moved – we know how to help you! On this project we’ll be back after the concrete is poured to back-fill and take care of any landscaping and drainage issues.

Dirt Dogs Grading the Top of the Dam at Hess Reservoir

Dirt Dogs Excavation is dam proud of this job… grading the top of the Hess reservoir in Parker, CO.  If you were in that area recently you would have seen our road grader looking more like an ant than a large piece of machinery.  We were busy for the last few days adding road base to a 7000 ft. stretch at the top of the reservoir. This work helps keep the reservoir in tip-top-shape in time for the approaching winter. If you have your own reservoir – or maybe a small pond on your ranch we can help keep it in good shape too. Just give us a ring!

Retaining Wall Excavation for Bonnie Blue’s in Parker, CO

Bonnie Blue’s wedding venue in Parker, Colorado is enlarging their amazing wedding and event facility with a new build and adding 3 new stone retaining walls all with the help of Dirt Dogs Excavation services.  In the photo you can see the rough excavation for the building pad of their new event center. Up on the side of the hill you can see a brave Dirt Dog cutting in to make room for the new retaining walls. which require a level and smooth service to do the job right. After they’re done with the retaining wall excavation they’ll come back down and laser level the building pad. All this work will be done perfectly (as usual) in and take about 2 days.

Need some serious excavation done right? Give Dirt Dogs a call!

Finish Grade Excavation for a New Home in Elizabeth

Dirt Dogs Excavation is proud to show you the finished grade work we recently completed for an amazingly beautiful new luxury home in Elizabeth, Colorado.  We also excavated the foundation for this home about 9 months previously….
as you can see below.
This is a super nice 6000 sq. ft. custom home with views that go for miles in all directions.  (Of course it’s hard for most people take their eyes off the view of all that beautiful dirt but yep…I’ll give them credit, that is a nice looking house too.)
Since you asked…this finish grade work took us just a couple days and is now ready for the landscapers to roll in and plunk down their sod, plants and retaining walls galore. And last of all, we’ll be installing a picture perfect driveway in a couple weeks. (We’ll keep you posted.) And  as usual the proud owner of this home is tickled pink about how great a job we’ve done.
Well…we hate to brag but if you want the best darn local company in the earth moving business to take care of dirt…get in touch and we’ll move the earth to do the job right!

Home Excavation – Sedalia, CO

This is an excavation for an addition to a home in Sedalia, CO.  This excavation hole is prepped for a frost wall foundation that the new addition will be built on. The owner has a sweet location with great views in Sedalia, CO.  the owner decided to upgrade his abode with a new addition made possible in part with the help of Dirt Dogs expert excavation services.

Need to excavation services for a new home or addition? Can you dig it? Nope? Dirt Dogs Excavation can! Give us a ring!

Horse Arena Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

Inside this pretty white fence is yet another work of horse arena magnificence brought to you by Dirt Dogs Excavating, Grading and Earth Moving!  This is a 90’x100′ arena with a beautiful view of Elizabeth, Colorado horse country which riders will enjoy while they’re riding and trotting around. Besides creating a perfect, level riding surface we have installed a crusher fines drain system to keep the footing from turning into a muddy mess when it rains. This drainage system has a 6″ thick bed of fine, crushed rock underneath the footing so that water can percolate and drain out from under the footing.
If you’ve got a hankering to build a nice looking horse area or barn we invite you to give us a call so we can get you started on your new horse arena or barn too!

Foundation Excavation

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently finished the foundation excavation for a residential home in Castle Rock. As usual we use lasers to make sure our excavation is perfect for the concrete crew that will install and pour your foundation. This job took us about a day and a half.  Of course we can do foundations for residential or commercial properties. A well cut foundation hole has sharp, clean sides and floors are level. Any concrete foundation crew would be happy  to see their work area look this beautiful and ready to go! If you’re looking to have a foundation dug for your new building give Dirt Dogs a call!