Refurbished Horse Arena for HOA

Dirt Dogs Excavating refurbished a worn out community horse arena for the Pawnee hills HOA in Elizabeth, Colorado despite a stormy, rainy, muddy week.

Part of the problem with the old arena was a bad drainage situation which helped destroy the arena over time. This horse arena also had a worn out wood fence that we had to tear out. This horse arena was about 80′ x 160′ in size.

A Muddy Mess
We had epic rainfall which made the entire job site a miserable, muddy mess. But because we are dedicated and hard working (and maybe a bit nuts) we persevered and found a way to get the job done.

One of our priorities was creating a flow line around the entire arena. This captures any water and forces it to drain AROUND and away from the arena. You can see that baby in the photo above.  We hauled in truckloads of clay and topped it with about 6″ of sand.

Laser Leveling
Then we perfectly leveled the entire horse arena using our famous lasers levelers!

Bottom Line
Horse arena – fixed. Drainage – fixed. Old fence – removed.

A fence was added as the last touch. We the HOA happy? Ecstatic might be a better description! Our only problem was after the job was done….it took hours wash off that nasty mud from our equipment. But that’s just another day in the life of the Dirt Dog!

When your horse arena needs an overhaul…you know who to call!