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Dirt Dogs Excavating are your driveway experts!

Dirt Dogs Excavation provides expert driveway installation and excavation clients in Elizabeth, Elbert County and Douglas County, Colorado.

When you need new driveway installation, renovation or repairs in Elizabeth, Parker or Castle Rock and other nearby areas you can count on our pros to do a top quality job and take care of all your needs.

Long driveways are our specialty
Homes in a subdivision usually have all the drainage and roads completed prior to construction of the home.

But, when your home or barn is in a rural setting that does not have roads directly to your site or often does not have culverts and proper drainage, the planning for driveway construction and drainage are key issues. It is actually an excavation project unto itself.

Dirt Dogs Excavating has years of experience grading landscapes and handling earth moving projects and all their considerations such as:  the right firm base with the desired slope, drainage, ditching, crown, base rock, and layers of gravel.

Having good drainage is important for your driveway, which includes the crown and the side ditches and any culverts to get the water across the drive.

Also important is to have a top layer (2-6 inches) of gravel mixed with fine rock that can be compacted to have a firm drive.

Another very important consideration for your driveway is emergency vehicle access; curve design, turnarounds, turnouts, tree considerations, etc.. We’ve been creating beautiful driveways since 2005 and have the experience and skill to do handle any size of driveway project.

Customer Testimonials

“I wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for the magnificent job you did on our driveway…we couldn’t believe our eyes.

You took an absolute “eye sore” and turned it into something beautiful. Thank you for your honesty, good will and the outstanding job you did for us. We would highly recommend you and your company to anyone who should inquire.”

Kelly B.

Driveway Installation &  Renovation Experts

Service Areas for Driveway

Dirt Dogs Excavating is an expert driveway contractor providing quality excavating and driveway grading services for many homes and businesses  in Franktown, Parker, Castle Rock, and Elizabeth, Colorado and Douglas County, CO.

Driveway Renovation

Existing driveways require proper maintenance; grading out ruts or washboard effects, re-mixing the fine rock in with ‘marbles’ so a new compacted drive surface can be obtained.

Driveway Projects

Dirt Dogs has working on zillions of driveways – making repairs, installing them from scratch and upgrading them over our many years as a driveway contractor. Below is a short list of driveways we’ve worked on recently.