Our services include trenching for all needs; electrical lines, telephone lines, gas and water lines. We’ve been trenching projects since 2005.

We offer trenching from 4” wide to 30” wide and depths as deep as 10 feet.

We use trenching machines and excavators and have vast experience as excavation experts so you can count on us to get your job done right!

Service Areas

Dirt Dogs Excavating provides expert trenching and excavating  services for electrical cables, pipes and utilities throughout Douglas County, El Paso County and we can be frequently found hard at work in  Franktown, Parker, and Elizabeth, Colorado.

What is Trenching?

Dirtdogs Excavation are trenching experts. But sometimes people want to know exactly what trenching is so we put together this short overview for you trenching novices.

Trenching is a process of excavating a long, narrow, and deep trench in the earth’s surface. It is commonly used in construction, agriculture, and geology to install or lay utility lines, irrigation pipes, electrical cables, or various types of underground infrastructure. During trenching, specialized equipment such as backhoes, trenchers, or excavators are used to dig the trench to a specific depth and width, depending on the intended purpose and soil conditions. Once the trench is excavated, the materials such as pipes or conduits are laid, and backfilled with soil, gravel, or other materials as needed. Trenching is an essential process in many industries as it allows for the efficient and safe installation of various types of infrastructure.

Whether you’re in Parker, Elizabeth, Castle Rock or anywhere nearby we invite you to contact us for a quote if you need some professional trenching work done in your neck of the woods!