Rock Retaining Wall Construction

As a part of a larger indoor horse arena project Dirt Dogs Excavation recently built a large rock retaining wall for a ranch owner in Douglas County, Colorado.  The property owner needed to have us prepare, excavate and laser level  ground for a new horse area which needed to be cut into the earth to save room for a driveway and road. In order to hold back the cut in the earth we needed to move a large amount of heavy boulders which we were able to pull from his own property to form the retaining wall.

Our loader can lift about 20,000 tons at a time. A number of these boulders pushed our equipment to the limit on this job. Over 2-3 days we moved and stacked about 1000 tons of rock to create a permanent, boulder-based rock retaining wall.

Once the new indoor horse arena is complete we’ll be coming back to finish the job, laser leveling and moving in the right type of material for the footing.

By the way, when it comes to footing materials for horse arenas, we can get ANY type of horse footing materials you may need. In fact we recently had horse footing gravel brought in all the way from a special site in New York to make a perfect footing surface for a world class horse barn in Douglas County.

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