New Large Horse Arena

Dirt Dogs Excavation is proud to show off a massive horse area excavation project we are finishing up in Elizabeth, Colorado.  This is a 100 ft by 200 ft horse arena with the crusher finds drain system installed. You can see Steve in the photo (standing and flapping his arms like a bird) in the middle of this new arena to help you see size proportion and just how big this area is. Notice how nice and smooth it all looks! Below is another view of this beautiful masterpiece which is sure to make all the other horse owners in the area jealous with arena envy.

We are just getting ready to begin installing the sand footing.

Here’s a couple more photos (below) to give you a perspective on the size of this baby.

Seriously…you could just about land an airplane on this thing with room to spare.

Of course if you have a sweet equestrian property in need of a new arena and you’re out in or around Elizabeth, Colorado – give Dirt Dogs a ring! We’ll get the job done right.