Life’s a Beach

Dirt Dogs Excavating has been working on a beach lately.  Actually we’ve been working on multiple beaches! Not in Mexico or Florida – but in scenic Larkspur, Colorado. We are installing approximately 400 tons of soft mason sand to create individual lakefront beaches for multiple home owners in a high-end community on a private lake so they can wiggle their toes in the sand and get sun burn laying around like their on vacation.

How much sand you ask? Each beach is going to get approximately 8″ deep of wonderful beach sand. The beaches range in size from around 60′ x 30′ to 40′ x 20′. It all depends on what portion of their property “touches” the shoreline.

Some property owners have boats and enjoy water skiing and other water activities on this lake. Once we’re done they’ll be able to throw a beach picnic, beach party or play beach volleyball, beach bingo, beach limbo or … you get the idea.

As many previous philosophers said: life’s a beach!

Of course, if you want your own beach – we can make one for you too! As long as you have your own private lake of course.  Otherwise, if you need any help with private road grading, earth moving, driveways, horse arenas, foundation digging, etc. Dirt Dogs is the one to call!