Ken Caryl Equestrian Riding Facility

Dirt Dogs Excavating is proud to have helped build 2 new horse arenas for the Ken Caryl Equestrian Riding Facility. These 2 new horse arenas we installed are ovals. 160′ x 110′ and 150′ x 75. They have a sand footing with 2.5 ” thick on top of crushed rock drainage system built in. It took about 2 weeks to complete this lovely job. In case you’re not familiar…Ken Caryl is a pretty swanky area on the west side of Denver – just south of Red Rocks. The facility we worked is a breath taking location surrounded by sandstone cliffs and eye popping views. The horses are happy. The owner is happy. And we’re happy to have another job well done! (As usual.) I my rear view mirror…as we drove away I’m pretty sure I saw the owner  shedding a few tears as they waved goodbye. People love what we do and hate to see us leave! We have that effect on our clients! Give us a ring if you might want to shed a few tears of happiness over your new horse arena too!