Installing another Horse arena in Parker Colorado.

Dirt Dogs Excavating excavated and installed another horse arena for an equestrian lover in Parker, Colorado. This equestrian arena is 200 ft by 70 ft and sits up on a high spot and has a wonderful 360 view of Colorado which makes the riders enjoy their ride better and all the neighbors jealous.  This job took about 5 days of work, 250 tons of crusher fines which was overlaid by 150 tons of sand.  Crusher fines is a finely-crushed stone mix that is often the byproduct of gravel operations. This material helps water smoothly drain through the sand and flow out of the sides – instead of puddling up on the surface and washing out the sand.  Finally, we used our famous laser leveling technology to help us smooth out the footing to perfection! A fence company will come in after we’ve finished and installs a fence. We often recommend Straight Arrow Fence company as a go-to fence installer Parker, CO.

The photos show how we’ve laser leveled the riding surface and graded around the outside of arena to facilitate the drainage of any water away from the riding surface.

If you’re wanting to install a horse arena on your property in Parker, Elizabeth, Castle Rock or really anywhere across the front range of Colorado we invite you to give us a call! We’ll come out and give you our expert advice on how we can help and if needed –  the best options and location to place to site your arena too.  Of course, if you have an old arena we can fix that. And if necessary    we can put in an access road or driveway or even landscape other parts of your property while we’re out there so you can get a major upgrade to your property that will make your property more usable and valuable too! Just call: (303) 435-4774 or email us through our Quote form.

Interested in Financing?
We recommend that you contact  a great financing company – Enhancify – if you’re interested in financing your horse arena and/or driveway, road or landscape excavation project.

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