Horse Barn Finish Grade

Dirt Dogs Excavating just finished the finish grade on this dandy of an equestrian (some say… horse barn). For this project we did the finished grade with road base out in front. We built the barn pad then after the barn was built we came back and did final grade and road base around it. Yes, it’s a pretty barn and it’s an amazing location but most people comment on our amazing finish grade first. Or…if they don’t comment on it – they should – because they are simply missing out on one the best parts of this first class horse barn. Because if the ground around it was all lumpy and messed up…that would be unsightly and probably cause drainage problems and other issues. But the horse barn owner is thrilled…the horses are happy and we are too!

Where is this horse barn you ask? It’s in scenic Larkspur, Colorado in Douglas county. Give us a ring on one of those hi-tech phones and let us give you a free quote on your horse barn finish grade or any other project that needs expert earth moving professionals!