Horse Arena Sand

This is the first load of six to of washed arena sand to be installed on an indoor horse arena in Franktown, Colorado. Early last year there was nothing here but rocks and bare ground just begging for a beautiful commercial horse barn to be built. We excavated the site for the barn pad to start off. Then, after the arena was built we brought in clay for the sub-base, leveled it perfectly (as usual) and then drum rolled it so flat you could play pool on it. Now, came the fun part…we brought in 6 loads of washed arena sand – via a side dump truck (you see in the photo). Each load of this sand weighs 23 tons so that’s a total of 138 tons of sand. For the final touch, we smoothed this sand over the arena using our famous laser-leveling technology.

Was the owner happy did you ask? He did 23 cartwheels and a back flip – one after the other! Just kidding. But he was VERY happy with us and if you want a reference from him or other clients of ours just give Dirt Dogs Excavation a call and we’ll load you up with lots of amazing references from clients all over Franktown, Douglas County, Elizabeth and lots of other places nearby!