Horse Arena Excavation Services

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently finished another real nice horse area in Douglas County out in scenic Surrey Ridge, Colorado. A lot of folks don’t realize there is actually quite a lot of expertise that goes into building a low maintenance riding arena so that it can serve your horse and rider well, stand the test of time and help your property fit your Colorado lifestyle.

Building a horse area can actually be a complicated process that involves a number of factors such as:

    • the Style of riding and type of horses you’ll be doing
    • Budget – you should have a rough idea of what you can spend
    • Site planning, layout, sizing and arena design
    • Excavating and laser leveling your site
    • If  needed we can provide additional earth moving services on your property while we’re there – such as adding a pond or handling difficult rain and drainage issues
    • For the final touch we’ll add the perfect footing materials that you might request
    • Last, we finish grade and smooth off the entire site so it looks perfect!

Years of Experience
Dirt Dogs Excavation has spent years excavating and constructing horse arenas…large and small. We can also come in and upgrade or repair your horse Arena. We work with the home owner or facility owner to arrive at the best design and plan that works best for your budget and property. Because we use hi-tech laser leveling equipment we can get our finish grade smoothed off perfectly level. And because we’ve build dozens of these over many years you can have confidence that we’ll do the job right!

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If you are considering having a professional horse arena built we invite you to EMAIL Dirt Dogs Excavation or give us a call!

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Dirt Dogs Excavation specializes in Horse Arena Excavation Services for clients in Elizabeth, Franktown, Parker and Castle Rock, Colorado.

Dirt Dogs Excavation specializes in Horse Arena Excavation Services for clients in Douglas County, El Paso County, Elbert County and Arapahoe County, Colorado.