Horse Arena Done in Stages

Face the facts…horses and horse arenas, land, barns, fencing, etc. can be expensive. One challenge horse lovers often face is… how can we afford and build a quality arena when there are so many other expenses? Dirt Dogs Excavation can help you plan, design and build your horse arena in an affordable and manageable way!

If  you’re considering building a high quality horse arena we’re going to share a valuable secret with you….your horse arena can be done in stages. Let’s face it…building a quality horse arena can be expensive. Costly things that you have to pay for include: your land, the excavation, the fencing, the footing, maybe a barn or structure, a driveway AND the horse or two you want to ride. All this can add up and be overwhelming. But you can make this happen in stages over time just like one of our clients is doing.  Here’s the story….

One of our old clients from Elizabeth, Colorado recently moved to Florence, Colorado. Because we did such an awesome job for them before – building a horse arena – they insisted that to build them another horse arena at their new location. Why? Because we’re nice people, with fair prices and we’re the best!

Interlude of  Culvert Drama…

But before we got out there they had a flash flood that washed out their driveway. No problem…we were on our way out anyway.  So we rebuilt their driveway and installed a new culvert drainage system – adding two, big  24″ drainage pipes alongside their pair of smaller 12″ pipes which were overwhelmed by the flood. We had to fix their driveway as part of the process too…

OK…back to the arena story. Our client really wanted a top quality arena but the price was simply too much – on top of the new move. So we came up with a plan to build the arena they want over time. Here’s the plan in a nutshell:

  1. Excavate the ground for the arena.
  2. Put in fencing
  3. Save money for a year
  4. Ride on dirt during that time
  5. Install the drainage system
  6. Save money and keep riding for another year
  7. Install your footing – sand – to finish it off.

They whole time they are using and enjoying their arena. It just gets better each year. The arena for this client was 110′ x 201′ – which is pretty darn big!

So we’ll be back out in Florence next year when their finances are in a little stronger and then come back again in 2 years to finish up the project.

Bottom line…horse arenas can be built over time and Dirt Dogs is the best company out there to help you do the job!

Get in touch with Dirt Dogs Excavation when you need your horse arena built and we’ll help you through the whole process!