Granite Driveway in Centennial, CO

Dirt Dogs just knocked out (installed) another gorgeous driveway in Centennial, Colorado. In our neck of the woods…that is – beautiful Colorado horse country where there’s a good bit of elbow room between neighbors – we’ve got REAL  DRIVEWAYS. Not those little bitty baby things you see in suburbia. Nope. Out here we’re talking about nice wide and long driveways of 500 feet or more. In this case we the brand new granite driveway was about 700 ft. long – complete with a nice spot for parking  vehicles.  This driveway is built to handle the weather and make the drive to and fro comfortable and dreamy. We should mention that it’s going to end at a new barn that will be built this spring.  AND we’ll be helping them on that barn pad excavation too. The job only took about 20 loads of granite road base and took 2 full days of work. It looked so good we hated to see it in our rear view mirrors when we left.

Need a nice big driveway for your home or barn? We’ve got you covered. Just give us a ring!