Driveway in Parker, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavation just finished off another driveway installation in Parker, CO. After we leveled and smoothed it off we finished with a real nice looking crushed rhyolite road base.  Before we installed this beauty the driveway would just about knock the fillings out of your teeth when you drove up to the house. Now…it’s so smooth you can roll a marble for about 200 feet in a straight line. (Well, that might be a little exaggeration but you can see from the photo it is pretty darn smooth!)

What is rhyolite you ask? Most people ask us that too. Well, the short story is it comes from volcanoes that used to be active around Douglas County. The longer story is Rhyolite is extrusive equivalent of granite magma – which means its perfect for driveways and can be a great conversation starter at your next BBQ.

Bottom line, the home owner is proud of his new driveway.

Next time you need a upgrade your driveway in Parker, CO or anywhere nearby we’ve got the driveway expertise and crushed volcanic rock to get you all fixed up!