RV Storage Facility

Dirt Dogs just finished up working on an RV Storage facility in Elizabeth, CO. Earlier in the year we took a raw piece of land and moved approximately 125,000 cubic yards of dirt to create the building page an initial drainage. It took us about 8 weeks of excavation work to get that ready to build on. The owner then built a 32 unit RV storage facility.

Once they were done buildng the building we came back for “round 2.” We brought in 140 semi loads of asphalt to cover the road in…the area around the building and a parking lot.

BELOW you can see the “BEFORE” photo!


Clay base for Horse Arenas

Installing clay base for horse arenas is one of our specialties here at Dirt Dogs Excavation.  This is a 4 inch hard clay base which has been laser leveled and rolled for compaction. This creates a hard surface but still has enough ” bite” to keep the surface from being slick. It keeps the dirt sub-base permanently separated from the sand which  is now ready for the sand footing to be installed.  When you want the best surface for your horses to train and prance around on – you can’t get much better than this. Of course we would invite your calls if you’re in need of excavating or sprucing up your Colorado horse arena!

Horse Arena Laser Leveling

The best horse arenas need level ground which can also handle the rain and water runoff properly. This picture was taken down the center of the arena. If you look closely,  you can see the ever so slight slope from the center out. Dirt Dogs Excavation created this very gentle slope with our laser system to help with drainage and eliminate ponding. In fact the slope is almost impossible to notice with the naked eye. That’s because we do really great work when it comes to making horse arenas. For the record….
this is a 150′ x 200′ horse arena built with a 6″ crusher fine drainage system  underneath it. This arena sits in the Franktown area of Douglas County, Colorado. If you want something this pretty for your horses to play around on … give Dirt Dogs Excavation a call and we’ll help you out!