Foundation Excavation in Kiowa

This is a foundation excavation project Dirt Dogs did for a commercial building in Kiowa, CO. This building will be an 80-foot by 80 ft structure. Notice how nice a straight the sides and the floor are? Yep! We know what we’re doing. We are experts at building foundation excavation for commercial buildings, homes and barns. If you need dirt moved – we know how to help you! On this project we’ll be back after the concrete is poured to back-fill and take care of any landscaping and drainage issues.

Foundation Excavation

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently finished the foundation excavation for a residential home in Castle Rock. As usual we use lasers to make sure our excavation is perfect for the concrete crew that will install and pour your foundation. This job took us about a day and a half.  Of course we can do foundations for residential or commercial properties. A well cut foundation hole has sharp, clean sides and floors are level. Any concrete foundation crew would be happy  to see their work area look this beautiful and ready to go! If you’re looking to have a foundation dug for your new building give Dirt Dogs a call!

Drainage Excavation

Dirt Dogs Excavation are experts in handling drainage issues. We recently completed a the drainage system which was installed for a 60 ft equestrian round pen in Elizabeth, Colorado. The center, or radius point is 6 in higher in elevation than the edges. We do this to ensure there is no “ponding.” The sand footing will be installed next. If you’ve got drainage and runoff problems affecting your property or driveway give us a call…we can help!

Foundation Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

This is a foundation excavation for a large home in Elizabeth Colorado. The excavation for this foundation took us 3 days of work and 3 machines. We dig out about 4 feet around the foundation to give the concrete experts room to work. This foundation will end up at around 2800 sq. ft. which is a pretty large footprint for a home. If you’ve got the urge to dig a foundation for a new home or building in Elizabeth or nearby areas we invite you to give us a call!

RV Park

 Excavating an RV Park in Elizabeth, CO

Need a place to store your Recreational Vehicle in Colorado? Dirt Dogs Excavating  is creating five acres of RV heaven out here in Elizabeth, Colorado. Seen from the air out excavation project gives you a birds eye view of the project. There’s a good size building which will be built – 330 ft by 80 ft for indoor storage which will hold about 32 RV units. That building will be placed in the center of the light area. Outdoor storage is the red area that is just road base.  Once again Dirt Dogs Excavating is moving the earth and making the world a better place for people with dreams of building businesses and homeowners wanting to improve their property!

Building Pad Excavation

This a large building pad we built for a customer in Elizabeth, Colorado.  The pad is built with clean fill dirt we produced on site. It is the lighter colored material in the middle of this photo. All the disturbed area’s around the site have been covered with top soil and ready for drill seeding which we will do soon. Oh yes…since you asked… It took 4 days to create and the pad was laser leveled flat to perfection. Everyone was happy. If you need some earth moved in your neck of the woods…be it Elizabeth, Castle Rock, Parker or somewhere nearby – give us a call!