Finish Grade Excavation for a New Home in Elizabeth

Dirt Dogs Excavation is proud to show you the finished grade work we recently completed for an amazingly beautiful new luxury home in Elizabeth, Colorado.  We also excavated the foundation for this home about 9 months previously….
as you can see below.
This is a super nice 6000 sq. ft. custom home with views that go for miles in all directions.  (Of course it’s hard for most people take their eyes off the view of all that beautiful dirt but yep…I’ll give them credit, that is a nice looking house too.)
Since you asked…this finish grade work took us just a couple days and is now ready for the landscapers to roll in and plunk down their sod, plants and retaining walls galore. And last of all, we’ll be installing a picture perfect driveway in a couple weeks. (We’ll keep you posted.) And  as usual the proud owner of this home is tickled pink about how great a job we’ve done.
Well…we hate to brag but if you want the best darn local company in the earth moving business to take care of dirt…get in touch and we’ll move the earth to do the job right!

RV Storage Facility

Dirt Dogs just finished up working on an RV Storage facility in Elizabeth, CO. Earlier in the year we took a raw piece of land and moved approximately 125,000 cubic yards of dirt to create the building page an initial drainage. It took us about 8 weeks of excavation work to get that ready to build on. The owner then built a 32 unit RV storage facility.

Once they were done buildng the building we came back for “round 2.” We brought in 140 semi loads of asphalt to cover the road in…the area around the building and a parking lot.

BELOW you can see the “BEFORE” photo!


RV Park

 Excavating an RV Park in Elizabeth, CO

Need a place to store your Recreational Vehicle in Colorado? Dirt Dogs Excavating  is creating five acres of RV heaven out here in Elizabeth, Colorado. Seen from the air out excavation project gives you a birds eye view of the project. There’s a good size building which will be built – 330 ft by 80 ft for indoor storage which will hold about 32 RV units. That building will be placed in the center of the light area. Outdoor storage is the red area that is just road base.  Once again Dirt Dogs Excavating is moving the earth and making the world a better place for people with dreams of building businesses and homeowners wanting to improve their property!

RV Storage Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

Once again Dirt Dogs Excavating is working on another huge excavation project in Elizabeth, Colorado. We are moving the earth for a large indoor facility that will be able to house 32 RV units. RV means “recreational vehicles” in case you’re wondering. By-the-way…this is a “cut-to-fill” earth moving project. Cut-to-fill is where we remove (or cut) the earth in places where the land is elevated above the desired height and then moving it down to areas where the ground level. This is a great way to leverage the land resources that already exist on site. Just a footnote…the phrase: “cut and fill” excavation is also known as excavation and embankment. In this photo we are spreading topsoil on the exterior slopes. If you look closely, you can see our talented men (smiling for the camera) and machines  moving A LOT of dirt.  What? You can’t see our handsome faces? Shoot! We’ll try to zoom in closer next time for that.

After 8 weeks our brave and talented men have moved approximately 125,000 cubic yards of dirt on this project so far. (In case you’re curious, that’s about the size of a small island in the Pacific – but without the ocean.) We’ve still got about 4 more weeks of earth moving to get this beautiful ground in shape. Also, you can see the pad we’ve created for the building (in the light sandy area) as well as some of the grading we’ve done around the pad which is so pretty it brings tears to my eyes just looking at it.

Well, we’ll have another update or 2 on this excavating and grading project so sit tight. The next photos we’ll shot from our new drone. (As long as we don’t crash land it into a tree…)

Don’t forget to call Dirt Dogs Excavation if you need some earth moved and some dirt graded. We’ve got oodles of references we can share from clients all over Franktown, Douglas County, Elizabeth and lots of other places nearby!

Horse Barn Finish Grade

Dirt Dogs Excavating just finished the finish grade on this dandy of an equestrian (some say… horse barn). For this project we did the finished grade with road base out in front. We built the barn pad then after the barn was built we came back and did final grade and road base around it. Yes, it’s a pretty barn and it’s an amazing location but most people comment on our amazing finish grade first. Or…if they don’t comment on it – they should – because they are simply missing out on one the best parts of this first class horse barn. Because if the ground around it was all lumpy and messed up…that would be unsightly and probably cause drainage problems and other issues. But the horse barn owner is thrilled…the horses are happy and we are too!

Where is this horse barn you ask? It’s in scenic Larkspur, Colorado in Douglas county. Give us a ring on one of those hi-tech phones and let us give you a free quote on your horse barn finish grade or any other project that needs expert earth moving professionals!

Building Pad Excavation

This a large building pad we built for a customer in Elizabeth, Colorado.  The pad is built with clean fill dirt we produced on site. It is the lighter colored material in the middle of this photo. All the disturbed area’s around the site have been covered with top soil and ready for drill seeding which we will do soon. Oh yes…since you asked… It took 4 days to create and the pad was laser leveled flat to perfection. Everyone was happy. If you need some earth moved in your neck of the woods…be it Elizabeth, Castle Rock, Parker or somewhere nearby – give us a call!

Horse Barn Finish Grade

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently provided finish grading along the exterior of a very large horse arena in Douglas County, Colorado. It was done using a track sled which works best on sloping areas. This horse arena measures 20′ by 170′. Some locals spotted our finish grade and commented …. “that’s so smooth you could just about play pool on the smoothed out surface – it’s a thing of beauty!”

We don’t like to brag (too much) but we do know how to handle excavation and finish grade work around horse barns and arenas!