Installing a new driveway in Parker, CO

Need a new driveway? Dirtdogs Excavation is your driveway expert across the entire front range of Colorado! For example, we just installed  a beautiful recycled concrete road base driveway on a super nice rural property in Parker, CO. This gorgeous driveway is about 700ft. long – about normal in this area where coyotes roam and horses and land are still abundant. We know how to prepare any driveway for proper drainage from snow and rain plus we can also improve, repair and fix existing driveways so if you need help with a new or existing driveway … give Dirt Dogs a ring!

Long Driveway in Larkspur

Got a long driveway? Dirt Dogs Excavation can help you! We just finished installing a 1300 ft long crushed brick driveway for a really nice home in scenic Larkspur, Colorado.  Larkspur is a beautiful town in Douglas County with some high-end ranches and properties that have extra-long driveways. We soothed out the drive way and graded it so water can drain off to the side easily. We were able to complete this job in just 3 days thanks to our great crew and our big league road grader.

If you have your own a driveway (large or small) that needs some TLC  – we can help keep you too. Just give us a ring!

New Granite Driveway in Elizabeth, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently finished excavating work for a new granite driveway for a home in Elizabeth, Colorado. As usual when we install a driveway we not create a smooth surface but we try to help the driveway handle excess water so it can drain in the best possible way. This property had a turnaround, access to their shop and driveway up to their home. We brought in 10 tandem truckloads of road base. The job took 2 days. A day of preparation and unloading & smoothing out the road base for day 2.


Dirt Dogs installs a wide range of products on the longer driveways out in Colorado’s horse country including: recycled asphalt, recycled concrete, crushed Rhyolite, crushed granite, Oakland Red, open pit, gravel / clay mix and crusher fines. One benefit of a installing a granite driveway is that it’s extremely permeable and eco-friendly. A crushed granite surface is excellent for mitigating driveway flooding.

Granite Driveway in Centennial, CO

Dirt Dogs just knocked out (installed) another gorgeous driveway in Centennial, Colorado. In our neck of the woods…that is – beautiful Colorado horse country where there’s a good bit of elbow room between neighbors – we’ve got REAL  DRIVEWAYS. Not those little bitty baby things you see in suburbia. Nope. Out here we’re talking about nice wide and long driveways of 500 feet or more. In this case we the brand new granite driveway was about 700 ft. long – complete with a nice spot for parking  vehicles.  This driveway is built to handle the weather and make the drive to and fro comfortable and dreamy. We should mention that it’s going to end at a new barn that will be built this spring.  AND we’ll be helping them on that barn pad excavation too. The job only took about 20 loads of granite road base and took 2 full days of work. It looked so good we hated to see it in our rear view mirrors when we left.

Need a nice big driveway for your home or barn? We’ve got you covered. Just give us a ring!

New Recycled Asphalt Driveway

When its time to upgrade your driveway you might want to consider having Dirt Dogs install a new recycled asphalt driveway just like we did out here in Elizabeth, Colorado.  Of course, before we lay down that beautiful asphalt surface we smooth it out so the end result is a smooth-riding surface that won’t rattle your teeth out – like your current driveway.

Summer is the time for Driveway improvements

Sweet, sweet summertime! Summer is the time for driveways and driveway improvements and Dirt Dogs Excavation is busy as a beaver taking care of our clients this summer. Isn’t this driveway a beauty? Here’s yet another gorgeous driveway  and parking lot combo we did for the Oakland ranch in Parker, Colorado.

It’s finished off with a red road base which is durable and easy to maintain. Sorry about my tilted camera angle but we were trying to squeeze in so much beauty that our camera got almost too heavy to hold onto! If  you need some of this driveway beauty in our neck of the woods give us a shout! (And I mean shout loud! We can be hard of hearing with all that equipment going on all the time.) We can take care of  your driveway and get it into the best shape its ever been – adding beauty and value to your property at the same time!

An Amazing Driveway in Morrison, CO

This is truly and amazing driveway we installed for a client in Morrison, Colorado which is nearby the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater. Not everyone has a 3/4 of a mile driveway but that’s what we had to work with. And what a beautiful place to work! In fact, there’s even a waterfall on the property that is said to be the location which Coors used to create its waterfall artwork for their world famous beer. You can see a photo of that waterfall down at the bottom. But before I get distracted thinking about a cold beer on a hot summer day….back to the driveway…. We smoothed off and excavated this driveway and laid down a beautiful layer of granite road base. And afterwords all anyone had to say was…”AMAZING!” Yes, it was an amazing driveway indeed! If you need your driveway to look just as pretty give Dirt Dogs Excavation a call!



Driveway Grading & Excavation

Driveway Grading & Excavation is one of the earth moving services that homeowners enjoy the most because it instantly improves the approach and look of your home while smoothing out your ride.  Prior to us fixing it up, this driveway had so many lumps, bumps and washboards it would rattle your teeth out trying to get your car up the driveway. After grading it and filling it with crush brick road base its so smooth you could almost play pool on it. (That is if you wanted to lay on your belly in the driveway with a pool cue.) Needless to say its another beautiful driveway that makes their neighbors jealous and the homeowner happy as can be.

RV Park

 Excavating an RV Park in Elizabeth, CO

Need a place to store your Recreational Vehicle in Colorado? Dirt Dogs Excavating  is creating five acres of RV heaven out here in Elizabeth, Colorado. Seen from the air out excavation project gives you a birds eye view of the project. There’s a good size building which will be built – 330 ft by 80 ft for indoor storage which will hold about 32 RV units. That building will be placed in the center of the light area. Outdoor storage is the red area that is just road base.  Once again Dirt Dogs Excavating is moving the earth and making the world a better place for people with dreams of building businesses and homeowners wanting to improve their property!

Driveway in Parker, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavation just finished off another driveway in Parker, CO. After we leveled and smoothed it off we finished with a real nice looking crushed rhyolite road base.  Before we installed this beauty the driveway would just about knock the fillings out of your teeth when you drove up to the house. Now…it’s so smooth you can roll a marble for about 200 feet in a straight line. (Well, that might be a little exaggeration but you can see from the photo it is pretty darn smooth!)

What is rhyolite you ask? Most people ask us that too. Well, the short story is it comes from volcanoes that used to be active around Douglas County. The longer story is Rhyolite is extrusive equivalent of granite magma – which means its perfect for driveways and can be a great conversation starter at your next BBQ.

Bottom line, the home owner is proud of his new driveway.

Next time you need a upgrade your driveway in Parker, CO or anywhere nearby we’ve got the driveway expertise and crushed volcanic rock to get you all fixed up!