Finish Grade for two bay building that will house an RV

Dirt Dogs Excavation did the finish grade for a barn pad in Elizabeth, CO several months ago. We recently visited that location again to view the finished result. Cleary Building (a fantastic local builder) erected a beautiful, two bay building that will house an RV. We also installed the recycled asphalt you see. When you need excavation or earth moving services for your new barn or shop give us a ring and you’ll get the best earth moving company around.

Shop Pad- Elizabeth, CO

This is an excavation for an shop pad (soon to be – man cave) in Elizabeth, Colorado. The excavation work for this building is surrounded by a beautiful forest of pine trees. To carve out this little beauty we just used our skidster. The job only took 2 days and pretty soon the new building will be sitting on top.

Need to excavation services for a new home or addition? Can you dig it? Nope? Dirt Dogs Excavation can! Give us a ring!

Building Pad Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating is proud to have excavated a new building pad for an indoor horse arena for yet another equestrian rider (ie. horse fanatic)  Elizabeth, CO. This building pad will be the foundation of a beautiful indoor horse arena for some exceptionally well taken care of pair of horses. This building pad is 57′ by 97′ and on top of a hill so the views are amazing.  We’ll be back to do the finish grade after the building is erected in a few months down the road. (We previously excavated another horse arena for this same equestrian fanatic not too long ago.) So these horses will end up having both an indoor and outdoor arena and their own barn to boot!
Of course…if you’ve got a horse…give us a ring and we can get you started on your new horse arena or barn too!

Typical barn/shop pad

This is a typical Barn and shop pad Dirt Dogs Excavation built for a residential customer in Elizabeth, Colorado. The pad is laser leveled flat with 2% flow lines around the perimeter for proper drainage.

Cut to Fill Excavation

This is another “cut to fill” pad for a horse barn out in Elizabeth, CO. The building will be a 52’x72′ structure that will keep the horses and hay warm and dry in the winter. If it rains up above the building we have the ground landscaped so water will flow nicely around the building. You can see how we have created a nice flat spot which will make both the people and animals joyful! Right now there’s no driveway but typically we put one in. If you need a nice little horse barn or shop on your little slice of heaven give us a ring!

Clay base for Horse Arenas

Installing clay base for horse arenas is one of our specialties here at Dirt Dogs Excavation.  This is a 4 inch hard clay base which has been laser leveled and rolled for compaction. This creates a hard surface but still has enough ” bite” to keep the surface from being slick. It keeps the dirt sub-base permanently separated from the sand which  is now ready for the sand footing to be installed.  When you want the best surface for your horses to train and prance around on – you can’t get much better than this. Of course we would invite your calls if you’re in need of excavating or sprucing up your Colorado horse arena!

Indoor Equestrian Arena – Franktown

It may be hard to imagine a nicer equestrian arena than this huge one we worked on in Franktown, Colorado. Dirt Dogs Excavation has worked on countless horse arenas in Colorado but this one frankly takes the cake.

Dirt Dogs Excavation excels at equestian arena and horse barn excavation services in Colorado. And we used our secret weapon…our super duper laser leveling machine to provides absolutely smooth and level finish for our final touch.

Indoor Arena

This indoor horse Arena in Franktown was a massive arena we built for a customer in Franktown. As you might be able to tell, this was a multi-million dollar job. We used our special laser leveling machine to get that perfectly smooth and level finish grade.

Oh….what about that handsome guy in the arena? Well… when  you hire Dirt Dogs Excavation for YOUR horse arena or excavation project you’ll get your chance to meet him in person! Rumor has it – that he’s a amazingly talented and wonderful guy and the best excavator in Franktown, Colorado AND anywhere else in the front range of Colorado.

Barn Pad in Parker, Colorado

This is a new Barn pad we built in Elizabeth, Colorado. It will support a detached shop. This is a building pad prepped for a concrete slab. We used class 6 road base on the top. Those are the facts. But rumor has it that our competitors were running to the store to buy a year’s supply of teddie bears and hankie’s to cry on because they know that Dirt Dogs Excavation is THE BEST barn pad company in all of Elizabeth AND Douglas County AND Elbert County AND El Paso….shoot we could keep going but they know and you get the idea. If you need to build a new Horse Barn or building you just need to call the best company for that job…which would be us.