Arena Dust Control for Horse Arena in Elizabeth, CO

Need Dust control for your horse arena? We got you covered! Dirt Dogs Excavation not only install horse arenas but can help our equestrian clients control their DUST with and amazing product called: “Arena Kleen” by Global Environmental Solutions. We recently installed this fantastic dust control product in a horse arena in Elizabeth, CO. as you can see in the photo above.

Horse Arena Dust is a Health Hazard
ArenaKleen® is the only horse arena dust control product that eliminates the health hazards of dust. With ArenaKleen® dust suppressant, horses, riders and trainers can work safely and comfortably in the arena, stables, or anywhere dust is a problem.

Dirt Dogs Excavating can help you control the dust in both your indoor and outdoor horse arenas using a state-of-the-art dust control product by Global Environmental Solutions.

Important: Contact Global Environmental Solutions and Order Direct!
Them you heard about their product through DIRT DOGS and you’ll get a special discounted price!!!

Global Environmental Solutions, LLC
www.Global Environmental

PHONE   +1 (978) 388-3312 ext. 202

ArenaKleen never dries up, never evaporates, never hardens, and does not wash away with rain.

Asphalt Driveway Install in Parker, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently installed a 750 ft. ASPHALT DRIVEWAY in Parker, Colorado.  But this was challenging project because the old gravel driveway was a complete disaster AND it went virtually straight up a big hill. The original driveway was so incredibly steep that it was near impossible for the property owner to drive up his own driveway in the winter. The owner got tired of leaving his vehicle at the bottom and trudge up that miserable thing in the cold and the snow!!!

Besides its steepness, this driveway in Parker also had major league drainage problems! To fix all this, we provided major earth moving work to reshape the driveway, the land around it and improve the water run off. This included installing an 80 ft. culvert and drainage ditch. Now any rain or snow melt will flow around the sides and run out through the drainage ditch.

This asphalt driveway project took about a week to excavate the land and prepare the driveway plus another week to laydown the asphalt. 750 ft. for a paved driveway is no joke! But once again…Dirt Dogs Excavation was up to the task and proud to do an amazing job – making their customer happy as a kid in a candy store!

Dirt Dogs are  your Driveway Installation Experts! If you need a new asphalt driveway, or crushed asphalt driveway or dirt driveway or crushed gravel driveway, or driveway overhaul – you know who to call! Or email us for a driveway quote! 

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Life’s a Beach

Dirt Dogs Excavating has been working on a beach lately.  Actually we’ve been working on multiple beaches! Not in Mexico or Florida – but in scenic Larkspur, Colorado. We are installing approximately 400 tons of soft mason sand to create individual lakefront beaches for multiple home owners in a high-end community on a private lake so they can wiggle their toes in the sand and get sun burn laying around like their on vacation.

How much sand you ask? Each beach is going to get approximately 8″ deep of wonderful beach sand. The beaches range in size from around 60′ x 30′ to 40′ x 20′. It all depends on what portion of their property “touches” the shoreline.

Some property owners have boats and enjoy water skiing and other water activities on this lake. Once we’re done they’ll be able to throw a beach picnic, beach party or play beach volleyball, beach bingo, beach limbo or … you get the idea.

As many previous philosophers said: life’s a beach!

Of course, if you want your own beach – we can make one for you too! As long as you have your own private lake of course.  Otherwise, if you need any help with private road grading, earth moving, driveways, horse arenas, foundation digging, etc. Dirt Dogs is the one to call!


Added Recycled Asphalt to and Existing Driveway in Franktown, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently finished grading and installing a new layer of recycled asphalt driveway for a rural homeowner in , Colorado. This homeowner is putting his home up for sale and wanted to improve the look to make a better impression on potential buyers. The old driveway was about 300 ft. long and out of shape with  ruts and some small pot holes. Dirt Dogs Excavation rolled in an “capped” the driveway with 3 loads of recycled asphalt which was smoothed out  withroad grader until it was a thing of beauty!

When this Franktown, CO driveway was finished the homeowner was happy and ready to put his home on the market and “for sale” sign up.

If your Colorado driveway is in need of repairs, fixes or an upgrade we invite you to give us a call! Or email us through our Quote form.

Installing another Horse arena in Parker Colorado.

Dirt Dogs Excavating excavated and installed another horse arena for an equestrian lover in Parker, Colorado. This equestrian arena is 200 ft by 70 ft and sits up on a high spot and has a wonderful 360 view of Colorado which makes the riders enjoy their ride better and all the neighbors jealous.  This job took about 5 days of work, 250 tons of crusher fines which was overlaid by 150 tons of sand.  Crusher fines is a finely-crushed stone mix that is often the byproduct of gravel operations. This material helps water smoothly drain through the sand and flow out of the sides – instead of puddling up on the surface and washing out the sand.  Finally, we used our famous laser leveling technology to help us smooth out the footing to perfection! A fence company will come in after we’ve finished and installs a fence. We often recommend Straight Arrow Fence company as a go-to fence installer Parker, CO.

The photos show how we’ve laser leveled the riding surface and graded around the outside of arena to facilitate the drainage of any water away from the riding surface.

If you’re wanting to install a horse arena on your property in Parker, Elizabeth, Castle Rock or really anywhere across the front range of Colorado we invite you to give us a call! We’ll come out and give you our expert advice on how we can help and if needed –  the best options and location to place to site your arena too.  Of course, if you have an old arena we can fix that. And if necessary    we can put in an access road or driveway or even landscape other parts of your property while we’re out there so you can get a major upgrade to your property that will make your property more usable and valuable too! Just call: (303) 435-4774 or email us through our Quote form.

Interested in Financing?
We recommend that you contact  a great financing company – Enhancify – if you’re interested in financing your horse arena and/or driveway, road or landscape excavation project.

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Erosion Control for Horse Arena in Elizabeth, CO

Erosion control matting is a very important step when we excavate and install a new horse arena. We recently installed some erosion control matting at a new horse arena in Elizabeth, CO which you can see in a couple of these photos.

At Dirt Dogs Excavating we specialize in  being perfectionists in erosion control. We don’t just toss out straw and hope it will work – nope – we lay down erosion control matts precisely and carefully to ensure that the rain and runoff from your newly installed horse arena (or landscaping project) will be handled in the best way possible. As you can see in these photos we excavated and contoured the landscape so water would smoothly drain away from the horse arena. (We also put in the access road.) From these photos you can see how the water will drain off gradually and flow down into the valley below.

Erosion matting, also known as erosion control blankets or erosion control mats, are materials used to prevent soil erosion and promote vegetation growth on slopes, embankments, and other areas prone to erosion.

Things we do when we apply  erosion control matting:

  1. Prepare the Site: Clear the area of any debris, rocks, or other obstructions. Grade the surface to ensure proper drainage and smooth out any rough areas.
  2. Select the Right Matting: Choose erosion matting appropriate for your site conditions, such as slope gradient, soil type, and climate. There are different types of erosion matting available, including straw, coconut fiber, synthetic, or biodegradable materials.
  3. Anchor the Matting: Begin by anchoring the erosion matting at the top of the slope or embankment. Use stakes, staples, or other anchoring devices to secure the matting in place. Ensure that the anchoring devices penetrate the soil securely to prevent the matting from shifting or being washed away.
  4. Overlap and Secure Joints: If using multiple rolls of erosion matting, overlap the edges of adjacent rolls to ensure continuous coverage. Secure the overlapping edges with staples or other fasteners to prevent gaps where soil erosion could occur.
  5. Install Additional Stabilization: Depending on the slope gradient and erosion risk, you may need to install additional stabilization measures such as erosion control netting, wire mesh, or rock riprap along with the erosion matting to provide extra support and protection.
  6. Plant Vegetation: If the erosion matting allows for vegetation growth, sow seeds or plant vegetation through the matting according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Ensure proper soil preparation and irrigation to promote healthy plant growth.
  7. Maintenance: If needed, we can come back and inspect the erosion matting for any signs of damage or displacement. Replace any damaged sections and re-anchor loose areas as needed. Monitor vegetation growth and provide additional maintenance such as watering, fertilizing, or weed control as necessary to ensure successful erosion control.

Of course, if you’re need a new horse arena, landscaping excavation or erosion control matting … give Dirt Dogs a call or contact us through our quote form!

Phone: (303) 435-4774

Foundation Excavation for a new addition to an existing home in Elizabeth, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently finished foundation excavation for a new addition for an existing home in Elizabeth, Colorado. The home owners needed a little more room and Dirt Dogs was able to carefully come in and excavate the site perfectly using their famous skill and laser-leveling technology. The foundation size was about 45 ft. x 45 ft. which will add some real needed space to this existing home.

Dirt Dogs Excavating is your go-to foundation excavator across the front range of Colorado. From Elizabeth, to Parker, Castle Rock, Kiowa and Larkspur we are your best choice for as expert foundation excavators. Garr Hughes, Dirt Dogs’ boss – not only knows how to prepare the holes that will be foundations but he understands the entire construction process which is really helpful. The team at Dirt Dogs Excavating  understands the how to precisely read the engineering blueprints, where to dig, how to dig, plus how to measure and prepare the the dirt so the concrete crew are able to do their job easily.

By the way – once the concrete crew is done and all the inspections are good we’ll come back and fill in and smooth off the area.

Need a professional crew to help with your foundation, landscape grading or driveway? You know who to call!

Installing a Recycled Asphalt Driveway in Larkspur, CO

recycled driveway installation in Larkspur, Colorado
Dirt Dogs Excavating recently finished installing a smooth riding recycled asphalt driveway for a ranch in scenic Larkspur, Colorado. Of course, most cowboys have their own tractors and  maintain their own driveways as best they can but at some point the wear and tear by farm equipment and weather simply overwhelm driveway and turn it into a complete disaster – filled with muddy ruts where snow melt and water runoff have them begging Dirt Dogs to help them out. We bring in the heavy duty road graders and decades of experience and take care of business.

This Larkspur driveway was indeed a disaster when we arrived. But we regraded the driveway and surrounding landscape so it drained properly. Then we brought in about 250 tons of recycled asphalt and smoothed that out. When we were done the owner would have cried if he wasn’t a tough Colorado cowboy. But he was very thankful and yet another happy Dirt Dogs success story!

grading and recycled driveway installation in Larkspur, Colorado

If your Colorado driveway is in need of repairs, fixes or an upgrade we invite you to give us a call! Or email us through our Quote form.

New Driveway Installed in Parker, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating installed another new driveway in Parker, Colorado. This driveway involved excavating the land and creating a 28 ft. wide driveway to allow access to a recreational facility as per the town’s code. After we excavated the driveway we came in an laid down Class 6 granite to top off this driveway. Of course the driveway is perfectly graded to allow for easy runoff of rain or snow melt. We also did a massive amount of work on the drainage as well as installing a culvert. This crushed granite driveway is about 350 ft. long and allows for 2 way traffic.

When you’re ready to upgrade your driveway or install a new one we invite you to get in touch with Dirt Dogs and we’ll come out and give you our best advice on what materials to use, etc. as well as provide an estimate to do the job right! Request a quote today! 


Baseball Outfield in Parker, CO gets Top Dress

Dirt Dogs Excavating love baseball and working on baseball fields. Parker, Colorado has their own “Field of Dreams” which is an amazing baseball and recreational facility called “The Farm” built by Dale LeMonds – a former professional baseball player and coach.  Dirt Dogs has been working hard on making this baseball field a perfect place to play baseball safely. We recently spent about 5 weeks perfecting the top dressing of the outfield on this incredible baseball field in Parker, CO. We’re going to swoop back in and reseed it with fescue grass once the weather warms up.

In excavation, “top dress” refers to the process of adding a thin layer of material, such as soil or gravel, to the surface of an area that has been excavated or graded. This layer is typically applied to achieve a smooth and level surface, improve drainage, or provide a suitable base for landscaping, paving, or other surface finishes.

Here are a few scenarios where top dressing might be used in excavation projects:

  1. Leveling and Smoothing: After excavating an area, particularly for landscaping or construction purposes, top dressing can be used to create a flat and even surface. This is often necessary to prepare the area for laying sod, planting grass, or installing pavement.
  2. Surface Protection: In areas prone to erosion or compaction, top dressing with a layer of soil or gravel can help protect the underlying soil and prevent damage from foot traffic, machinery, or weather conditions.
  3. Improving Drainage: Top dressing with a well-draining material like gravel or coarse sand can help improve surface drainage in areas where water tends to pool or accumulate. This can be especially important for preventing water damage to structures or landscaping features.
  4. Enhancing Aesthetics: Top dressing can also be used to enhance the appearance of an excavated area, particularly in landscaping projects. Adding a layer of rich topsoil or decorative gravel can give the area a finished look and complement surrounding features.

Overall, top dressing is a versatile technique Dirt Dogs Excavation uses in excavation projects like this to achieve specific grading, drainage, or aesthetic goals, and it plays an essential role in preparing the ground for further construction or landscaping work.

If your recreation park or baseball field needs a little TLC  contact Dirt Dogs for a quote and we’ll knock it out of the park!