Round Horse Pen installation – Parker, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently installed a round equestrian pen for some avid horse lovers who want to ride around in the safety and beauty of a fenced in horse area  on their property in Parker, Colorado.  (The fence company will swoop in and add a pretty fence now that we’re done.)

This was a 60′ x 110′ arena sitting on a 5 acre Parker property. This was a “cut-to-fill” job – where we utilized the onsite dirt as much as possible. After we excavated and leveled the site to perfection we brought in 10 loads of crusher fines – which is about 28 tons of course material that will let any water drain out. On top of that we carefully deposited 4 loads of washed concrete sand – about 112 tons of material and smoothed that off. This process creates an amazing wonderful surface for horse riders to gallop around on.

Installing this particular horse arena in Parker came with some challenges that were brought on by the weather. Half-way through our work we got clobbered by a 2 foot snow storm that was followed up by yet another snowstorm.  But Dirt Dogs is used to the crazy Colorado weather and we were back out working   soon after the snow cleared up. In better weather we can install an equestrian arena in about 6 days.

Got horses? Need a new horse arena to ride around on?  Give your friends here at Dirt Dogs Excavation a quick email or call and we’ll do the job right!



Meet Leila – Mascot and Head of HR for Dirt Dogs Excavation

As mascot and head of HR for Dirt Dogs Excavation Leila is famous for her wise decisions, her calm demeanor in stressful situations and for generally weeding out the BS. As various people have commented…”That girl’s a bulldog.” A 3 year old English bulldog to be exact. She can be found supervising various projects and has been known to sleep on the job some. If you have a formal complaint to make Leila is also in charge of the “Complaints Department.” If you’re having a problem with management or need a job – she’s also in charge of HR. So when you call in … just ask to speak with Leila. If you want to get on her good side…talk nicely. If that doesn’t work…slip her a bite of your hamburger.

As a 3rd job, Leila is also the company’s current Mascot replacing the legendary Peggy who will always be remembered by the Dirt Dogs staff and management.

Leila can often be found laying around doing a whole lot of nothing which is something the Dirt Dogs humans never get enough time to do because they are dedicated to helping their customers getting their jobs done right.

Recycled Asphalt Driveway – Calhan, CO

recycled asphalt road excavation and install - Calhan, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently installed  a 900 ft. long by 14 ft wide by 6 in thick recycled asphalt driveway for a home in the beautiful, wide open area of Calhan, Colorado.  At 900 ft. this is more of a road than a driveway!

This driveway was for a new home which you can’t see in this photo. Dirt Dogs brought in 12 semi-trucks filled with recycled asphalt. We prepped and excavated the ground on day one. But the boss man came in day 2 and reworked the driveway to satisfy his  perfectionist needs to have the job done perfectly! Once that was done they semis came in an put down the recycled asphalt which smoothed out and then compacted by the heavy tractors. The whole job took about 2.5 days of work. But with some regular maintenance should last many years to come!

You’ll notice from the photo above that the road is nice and smooth and has a nice drainage area on both sides to allow for water runoff.

Where is Calhan you ask? Calhan is a town located in eastern part of El Paso County, Colorado. The town population was 762 at the 2020. But if you want wide open spaces with plenty of elbow room – that’s the place to find it!

Of course if you need a brand new driveway – no matter the size – Dirt Dogs Excavation is happy to help! Just give contact us and hire the top excavation company around Colorado!


Refurbished Horse Arena for HOA

Dirt Dogs Excavating refurbished a worn out community horse arena for the Pawnee hills HOA in Elizabeth, Colorado despite a stormy, rainy, muddy week.

Part of the problem with the old arena was a bad drainage situation which helped destroy the arena over time. This horse arena also had a worn out wood fence that we had to tear out. This horse arena was about 80′ x 160′ in size.

A Muddy Mess
We had epic rainfall which made the entire job site a miserable, muddy mess. But because we are dedicated and hard working (and maybe a bit nuts) we persevered and found a way to get the job done.

One of our priorities was creating a flow line around the entire arena. This captures any water and forces it to drain AROUND and away from the arena. You can see that baby in the photo above.  We hauled in truckloads of clay and topped it with about 6″ of sand.

Laser Leveling
Then we perfectly leveled the entire horse arena using our famous lasers levelers!

Bottom Line
Horse arena – fixed. Drainage – fixed. Old fence – removed.

A fence was added as the last touch. We the HOA happy? Ecstatic might be a better description! Our only problem was after the job was done….it took hours wash off that nasty mud from our equipment. But that’s just another day in the life of the Dirt Dog!

When your horse arena needs an overhaul…you know who to call!

New Sand Footing Installed at an Indoor Horse Arena in Franktown, CO

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently installed a new sand footing at a real nice indoor horse arena in Franktown, Colorado. This indoor arena was about 80′ x 120′. The think about equestrians is they love to have a super level and smooth footing surface to ride around on. Rumor has it the horses enjoy it even more!

Just a little footnote:
Its impossible to tell from our “after” photo but if there was a “before” photo it would have looked more like a Monster truck race that was run on the moon. The surface was a filthy mess! The riders weren’t happy – the horses weren’t happy – even the barn didn’t seem happy.

That’s when Dirt Dogs came to the rescue!
First – we scrapped off the old sand and put it in a pile so the owner could recycle it into some other landscaping project. Then, after leveling off the sub-base, we brought in truckload after truckload of brand new, beautiful sand. We covered the entire surface with about 2.5 inches of sand and laser leveled it perfectly smooth – as you can see in the photo. This Franktown horse arena took about 4 days of work but when it was done everyone was happy!

Most of the time we’re used to working outdoors – sometimes in miserably bad weather – so it was really nice to enjoy the comforts of the indoors while we worked! But most important – the owner was happy to giddy-up again – while we drove off into the sunset.

Barn Pad capped with Road Base in Elizabeth, CO

Before a new barn needs to be built anywhere in or near Elizabeth, Colorado – your would be a wise to contact (and hire) Dirt Dogs is your “Go-To” for your barn pad. Because under your barn – when we do the barn pad work – is a perfectly level surface that will bring cheers of joy to the folks who pour your concrete on top.

Laser Leveling
Did we mention that we laser level our barn pads…so they are perfectly smooth? We do!

This project took about 4 days of work. It was about 40′ x 50′ and if you notice the photo above – we graded around to create a flow-line that moves water away from the barn. We brought in 3 trucks and  laid down a 6″ surface of road base at the engineer’s request.

Bottom line..
If you’re building a barn in Elizabeth, CO (or anyplace in the Colorado Front Range )and want the barn pad for your building to be done by the best around – give Dirt Dogs Excavating, Grading and Earth Moving a call today!

Grading Non County a Maintained Road in Douglas County

Dirt Dogs Excavating is recently provided road grading services for a non-county maintained road in Douglas County, Colorado.  As you can see from this beautiful photo the new road is an excavation work of art and all the local drivers gave us the “thumbs up” as they drove by. This is a 2 mile stretch of gravel that Douglas County DOES NOT maintain. It was a disaster with monstrous potholes and washboards that was rattling hubcaps loose and car doors off the hinges. It took us a solid week of work to sooth out this private road.  Then we rolled in a massive number of truckloads filled with 6″ inch granite gravel. Its worth noting that a 2 mile road if NOT maintained could easily fall apart in a year or 2 depending on the traffic and weather. However, if the road is properly maintained it can last 10-20 years! That’s a big difference! Next time you’re rolling through the private backroads of Douglas County you might want to thank old Dirt Dogs for doing great work because your drive is nice and smooth.

Gotta private dirt road you need fixed or maintained? Give your friends here at Dirt Dogs Excavation a quick email or call!

Laser Leveling an Existing Horse Arena in Castle Pines

Dirt Dogs Excavating recently laser leveled an existing horse arena for a great client and property owner in Castle Pines, Colorado. As most equestrian riders know, when you use your tractor to flatten out your area – after a which those “turn-around” areas get nasty with deeper tire tracks and craters that just get worse over time. But that’s where we can come to the rescue. For this horse arena we brought in our laser and our small but mighty skid steer and in about an hour we got the job done. The riding surface was a perfectly level, soft and sandy – a perfect surface for the owner-rider and horse lover which was our wonderful client.

Another horse arena job done right! Of course if you are  a local Colorado horse owner and equestrian rider and need some help with your barn or horse arena we invite you to contact  Dirt Dogs Excavating . Whether its a brand new horse arena, barn, driveway or landscaping project – tell us what you need or get our advice and we will move the earth for you!

Erosion Control in Parker, Colorado

The summer of 2023 brought in record rains throughout the front range of Colorado. The good news is there was no drought. The bad news was many roads and buildings got washed out, damaged and flooded. Dirt Dogs Excavation recently came to the rescue of a local business in Parker, Colorado by installing a total flood control system to included: ditch excavation, concrete work, granite rip rap, seeding and matting.

The drama started when a commercial building (Christian Brothers Automotive) in Parker, Colorado got flooded by rain coming down an embankment and overflowing a small ditch that was unable to handle the runoff. That runoff was entered the bay doors causing serious damage.

A local engineering company came up with the calculations and drawings of how the project needed to be built. Dirt Dogs brought those drawings to life!

First, we excavated a 1×1 foot ditch and converted it into a 3×3 foot ditch while making room for concrete work that would divert water runoff down our ditch which was lined with granite riprap. The Concrete work was about 60ft long by 3ft tall. It included  new trough which would funnel water through a concrete trough and safely move it away from the building on into a ditch lined with rip rap. The rip rap runoff area was about 100ft log and dumps into a drainage area capable of handling the excess water. Following the ditch excavation, concrete work and installation of the rip rap we drill seeded the area and covered the seed with erosion control matting.

We drill seeded all the Disturbed areas and then covered with the matting.  Only the good Lord knows when we’ll see another super-rainy summer again but when it comes – they’ll be safe from those floods thanks to the Dirt Dogs crew!

If you need help with your culvert or ditch or driveway or road grading or anything else that need earth moving experts. We invite you to contact us!

New Horse Arena installation in Castle, Rock

Dirt Dogs Excavation recently installed another amazing horse arena for local equestrian enthusiast and on a spectacular piece of property located in Castle Rock, Colorado. The property owner was riding on this area for a while but the ground was an uneven mess. It sloped about 4-5 feet so it was a downhill ride one way and an uphill climb the other. Finally, Dirt Dogs came to the rescue!

We leveled off the riding area so it was nice and level. We excavated the area and made sure water would run off around the sides.  We brought in 32 truckloads of gravel crusher fines which were layered underneath 10 truckloads of arena sand. This method allows water to flow through the sand and drain out through the crushed gravel below – keeping a nice riding surface on top. The whole installation of the horse arena took about 6 days. The owner didn’t want to fence it in. The horse arena measured around 435 x 195 feet when completed. Yes, we are proud of it. Can you blame us?  Its so pretty it made the horsey cry…

If  you need a horse arena installed on your horse property you know who to call!  Your horse arena experts…Dirt Dogs Excavation!