Rock Crusher

Need to crush some rocks? Dirt Dogs Excavation has the tools to turn boulders and slabs of rock into dust and gravel. Our rock crusher can punch holes through bedrock and split rocks  like an elephant chews peanuts.

Every now an then the most beautiful green field can hide a large slab of rock that can interfere with digging out a basement or installing a trench. When you’ve got some major rock headaches. Give us a call. We’ll teach those nasty rocks a lesson they’ll never forget. Maybe we should mention that often when we crunch those rocks up we can  round them up and move them to somewhere else on the property and they can be used to strengthen and/or enhance the rest of the landscaping or roadwork nearby.

Clay base for Horse Arenas

Installing clay base for horse arenas is one of our specialties here at Dirt Dogs Excavation.  This is a 4 inch hard clay base which has been laser leveled and rolled for compaction. This creates a hard surface but still has enough ” bite” to keep the surface from being slick. It keeps the dirt sub-base permanently separated from the sand which  is now ready for the sand footing to be installed.  When you want the best surface for your horses to train and prance around on – you can’t get much better than this. Of course we would invite your calls if you’re in need of excavating or sprucing up your Colorado horse arena!

Summer is the time for Driveway improvements

Sweet, sweet summertime! Summer is the time for driveways and driveway improvements and Dirt Dogs Excavation is busy as a beaver taking care of our clients this summer. Isn’t this driveway a beauty? Here’s yet another gorgeous driveway  and parking lot combo we did for the Oakland ranch in Parker, Colorado.

It’s finished off with a red road base which is durable and easy to maintain. Sorry about my tilted camera angle but we were trying to squeeze in so much beauty that our camera got almost too heavy to hold onto! If  you need some of this driveway beauty in our neck of the woods give us a shout! (And I mean shout loud! We can be hard of hearing with all that equipment going on all the time.) We can take care of  your driveway and get it into the best shape its ever been – adding beauty and value to your property at the same time!

An Amazing Driveway in Morrison, CO

This is truly and amazing driveway we installed for a client in Morrison, Colorado which is nearby the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater. Not everyone has a 3/4 of a mile driveway but that’s what we had to work with. And what a beautiful place to work! In fact, there’s even a waterfall on the property that is said to be the location which Coors used to create its waterfall artwork for their world famous beer. You can see a photo of that waterfall down at the bottom. But before I get distracted thinking about a cold beer on a hot summer day….back to the driveway…. We smoothed off and excavated this driveway and laid down a beautiful layer of granite road base. And afterwords all anyone had to say was…”AMAZING!” Yes, it was an amazing driveway indeed! If you need your driveway to look just as pretty give Dirt Dogs Excavation a call!



Driveway Grading & Excavation

Driveway Grading & Excavation is one of the earth moving services that homeowners enjoy the most because it instantly improves the approach and look of your home while smoothing out your ride.  Prior to us fixing it up, this driveway had so many lumps, bumps and washboards it would rattle your teeth out trying to get your car up the driveway. After grading it and filling it with crush brick road base its so smooth you could almost play pool on it. (That is if you wanted to lay on your belly in the driveway with a pool cue.) Needless to say its another beautiful driveway that makes their neighbors jealous and the homeowner happy as can be.

RV Park

 Excavating an RV Park in Elizabeth, CO

Need a place to store your Recreational Vehicle in Colorado? Dirt Dogs Excavating  is creating five acres of RV heaven out here in Elizabeth, Colorado. Seen from the air out excavation project gives you a birds eye view of the project. There’s a good size building which will be built – 330 ft by 80 ft for indoor storage which will hold about 32 RV units. That building will be placed in the center of the light area. Outdoor storage is the red area that is just road base.  Once again Dirt Dogs Excavating is moving the earth and making the world a better place for people with dreams of building businesses and homeowners wanting to improve their property!

RV Storage Excavation in Elizabeth, CO

Once again Dirt Dogs Excavating is working on another huge excavation project in Elizabeth, Colorado. We are moving the earth for a large indoor facility that will be able to house 32 RV units. RV means “recreational vehicles” in case you’re wondering. By-the-way…this is a “cut-to-fill” earth moving project. Cut-to-fill is where we remove (or cut) the earth in places where the land is elevated above the desired height and then moving it down to areas where the ground level. This is a great way to leverage the land resources that already exist on site. Just a footnote…the phrase: “cut and fill” excavation is also known as excavation and embankment. In this photo we are spreading topsoil on the exterior slopes. If you look closely, you can see our talented men (smiling for the camera) and machines  moving A LOT of dirt.  What? You can’t see our handsome faces? Shoot! We’ll try to zoom in closer next time for that.

After 8 weeks our brave and talented men have moved approximately 125,000 cubic yards of dirt on this project so far. (In case you’re curious, that’s about the size of a small island in the Pacific – but without the ocean.) We’ve still got about 4 more weeks of earth moving to get this beautiful ground in shape. Also, you can see the pad we’ve created for the building (in the light sandy area) as well as some of the grading we’ve done around the pad which is so pretty it brings tears to my eyes just looking at it.

Well, we’ll have another update or 2 on this excavating and grading project so sit tight. The next photos we’ll shot from our new drone. (As long as we don’t crash land it into a tree…)

Don’t forget to call Dirt Dogs Excavation if you need some earth moved and some dirt graded. We’ve got oodles of references we can share from clients all over Franktown, Douglas County, Elizabeth and lots of other places nearby!

Horse Arena Sand

This is the first load of six to of washed arena sand to be installed on an indoor horse arena in Franktown, Colorado. Early last year there was nothing here but rocks and bare ground just begging for a beautiful commercial horse barn to be built. We excavated the site for the barn pad to start off. Then, after the arena was built we brought in clay for the sub-base, leveled it perfectly (as usual) and then drum rolled it so flat you could play pool on it. Now, came the fun part…we brought in 6 loads of washed arena sand – via a side dump truck (you see in the photo). Each load of this sand weighs 23 tons so that’s a total of 138 tons of sand. For the final touch, we smoothed this sand over the arena using our famous laser-leveling technology.

Was the owner happy did you ask? He did 23 cartwheels and a back flip – one after the other! Just kidding. But he was VERY happy with us and if you want a reference from him or other clients of ours just give Dirt Dogs Excavation a call and we’ll load you up with lots of amazing references from clients all over Franktown, Douglas County, Elizabeth and lots of other places nearby!

Indoor Equestrian Arena – Franktown

It may be hard to imagine a nicer equestrian arena than this huge one we worked on in Franktown, Colorado. Dirt Dogs Excavation has worked on countless horse arenas in Colorado but this one frankly takes the cake.

Dirt Dogs Excavation excels at equestian arena and horse barn excavation services in Colorado. And we used our secret weapon…our super duper laser leveling machine to provides absolutely smooth and level finish for our final touch.

Indoor Arena

This indoor horse Arena in Franktown was a massive arena we built for a customer in Franktown. As you might be able to tell, this was a multi-million dollar job. We used our special laser leveling machine to get that perfectly smooth and level finish grade.

Oh….what about that handsome guy in the arena? Well… when  you hire Dirt Dogs Excavation for YOUR horse arena or excavation project you’ll get your chance to meet him in person! Rumor has it – that he’s a amazingly talented and wonderful guy and the best excavator in Franktown, Colorado AND anywhere else in the front range of Colorado.