An Amazing Driveway in Morrison, CO

This is truly and amazing driveway we installed for a client in Morrison, Colorado which is nearby the legendary Red Rocks Amphitheater. Not everyone has a 3/4 of a mile driveway but that’s what we had to work with. And what a beautiful place to work! In fact, there’s even a waterfall on the property that is said to be the location which Coors used to create its waterfall artwork for their world famous beer. You can see a photo of that waterfall down at the bottom. But before I get distracted thinking about a cold beer on a hot summer day….back to the driveway…. We smoothed off and excavated this driveway and laid down a beautiful layer of granite road base. And afterwords all anyone had to say was…”AMAZING!” Yes, it was an amazing driveway indeed! If you need your driveway to look just as pretty give Dirt Dogs Excavation a call!